Taking a Look at the Class of 2022


The beginning of the school year brings with it a lot of change, but perhaps the most exciting of which is the introduction of new Rams to Fordham Lincoln Center (FLC). The Observer took some time this past week to interview a few members of the Class of 2022 to see what made them choose Fordham, what they love about New York City and what they are looking forward to in the years to come.

McKenna Meskan – “Chi-Town Yogi”

Hailing from the Windy City itself, Chicago, Ill., McKenna Meskan, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’22, professed her love of New York in very succinct, yet relatable terms: “I just visited a few years ago and I was like, ‘I’ve got to go here!’” What’s more, NYC’s reputation as a hub for museums meant that her art history major would be well-served. But her infatuation with the city wasn’t the only reason why she chose to attend Fordham. “I know a few people that went to Jesuit schools and were really happy with their experience,” she said. Meskan also related to The Observer the organizations that caught her eye at FCLC, expressing enthusiasm about both the Rainbow Alliance and the Environmental Club. However, she made sure to note that, though she had forgotten to sign up, she really wants to join Yoga Club.

Victoria Fanning – “Signing On Stage”

A Morristown, N.J. native, Victoria Fanning, FCLC ’22, is one of Fordham’s many student actresses. “If you can imagine yourself doing anything [other than theatre], do that. And, if you can’t, then you’re supposed to go into it,” she said. Fanning was quick to praise Fordham’s theatre program. “A lot of the programs that I was looking into were too conservatory-style,” she said, “and didn’t provide that educational aspect that I was looking for.” Naturally, Fordham was the place for her, and its location in the beating heart of New York City only fueled her decision further. “It’s the kind of place that, whenever I think about it, I get excited. My blood starts to boil and it makes me want to get up and do something.” Fanning also mentioned her excitement when she discovered the presence of the Deaf Education and American Sign Language organization on campus. She explained, “I am slightly conversational in ASL but I’m looking to expand it. I think it is an absolutely beautiful language and I am so excited that I have the opportunity here to continue learning it.”

James Widodo and Xurxo Riesco – “Funny Abroad”

Asking to be interviewed at the same time, James Widodo, FCLC ’22, and Xurxo Riesco, FCLC ’22, had instant chemistry with each other, functioning more like a well-worn comedic duo than two people who hailed from Indonesia and Spain respectively and who must have only recently met. Riesco would often urge Widodo to answer first — to which Widodo would reply with a deadpan delivery. “Living in Manhattan is what everyone wants with their lives,” Widodo said. “The pace is fast and everyone has a purpose and they know what they want to do.” “I agree,” Riesco added. “There’s always a lot of things to do so you’re never bored.” When asked about what they had done over the summer, Widodo threw the question at Riesco — which caused him to laugh nervously. “I went to a lot of music festivals, just one after another.” Widodo, with a straight face, said, “Yeah, I didn’t do much.” As for their extracurriculars, Widodo noted that he was on the rugby team but that he was injured, so he was not “really” on the team. Riesco laughed at that. “I missed the club fair,” he said, with a wry smile.

Noon Kauer, Jin Lin Chen and Katharina Kremer – “Cura Personalities”

Noon Kauer, FCLC ’22, Jin Lin Chen, GSB ’22 and Katharina Kremer, FCLC ’22, were all interviewed together, and each touched on different aspects of the Jesuit service experience at Fordham. Kauer mentioned her interest in the Jesuits, saying, “Their focus on service has always been a big part of my life and to continue that in college is great. I did the Urban Plunge program and I think that really incorporated it well.” Chen talked about her experience at orientation with the Gabelli School: “Father Vin talked about incorporating Jesuit values into business. I thought that was really cool.” Kremer, an international student, said, “In Germany, we pay a lot of attention to not only making profit but also doing what is morally right. So, I thought Fordham presents those values really well.”

Diego Oliverio – “Gabelli Gives You Wings”

Diego Oliverio, GSB ’22, introduced himself as “Diego, like in ‘Go, Diego, Go!’” Coming all the way from Phoenix, Ariz., Oliverio’s description of New York City was succinct and mirthfully sardonic: “It’s like Vegas, but people are actually doing work.” Oliverio, a global business major, mentioned that he worked an event in Alaska, filming a “financial summit/hike thing,” as he described it. On the topic of clubs and organizations, he also expressed interest in joining The Observer as a photojournalist. In terms of the future, though, Oliverio was steadfast in wanting to work for a company in New York, saying, “Working for Red Bull or Beautiful Destinations [would] be really good. That’s [another reason] why I like New York, because all of the companies I want to work for have some strong connection to the city.”