Healthy Habits for College Student Life and Why We Can’t Stick to Them


Published: October 22, 2009

Every Fordham student knows that, amidst midterms, club meetings, internships and the omnipresent allure of The Flame, sometimes staying healthy falls to the bottom of our to-do lists. Though the university and the general media bombard us with friendly tips on how to keep our bodies running soundly, many of us find ourselves lacking in the healthy lifestyle department. Here’s a look at some common health advice—and the reasons we ignore it.

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Get a full night’s sleep—that’s seven to nine hours. Homework until 3 in the morning and class at 8:30 a.m. Even if it weren’t for the impending due dates, we’d be too hopped up on Red Bull and reality television to sleep anyway.
Walk to class. Great! The 45-second trek through the underground tunnel is a real calorie-burner. And if you live in Brooklyn, just run alongside the subway to school.
Take time to relax. Here’s an easy one. At 2 a.m., when you’re finally finished running around from classes to club meetings to professors’ offices to the library, take a few minutes to collect your thoughts. Or pass out.
Don’t carry too many books around. Arrange your schedule so that all of your classes are 3-hour, back-to-back blocks in one day. That way, you only have to lug 70 pounds of books around for one, 12-hour marathon a week! What a relief.
Play an intramural sport. Wait, what’s a sport?
Stay home from school if you’re sick. But school’s only a minute-long walk away, and you’ll fail if you miss class! You can make it! And suddenly, all of the small and contagious student body has the flu at the same time.
Stay up-to-date on sexual health practices. Just kidding! No sex at Fordham, remember? If you want info on this safe sex nonsense, you’d better search that out somewhere else.
Don’t skip meals and maintain a balanced diet. One word: Sodexo.