“Eternal Ramnation” Returns to McNally Amphitheater



“For the love of God, someone teach him,” Danny Holmberg, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ‘18, yelled from his perch at the back of the McNally Amphitheatre. It is 9:30 p.m., three and a half hours into the penultimate rehearsal of “Eternal Ramnation,” a musical about Lincoln Center students, by Lincoln Center students.

Thirty students, some in pajamas, others decked out in their best Fordham gear in honor of the occasion, line the steps leading into the audience of the performance space. Holmberg, the director of the hit musical, stands at attention in the back wearing a bright green t-shirt and jeans, while the musical’s composer and lyricist Dan Wilson, FCLC ‘17, looks up at him from the keyboard in front of the stage.

Though it is late, the energy is anything but low. Students sit in clusters in between their numbers chatting and laughing as Wilson and Holmberg work closely on each scene being rehearsed. The duo continues to make last minute changes, laughing hysterically at one another as they speak in half sentences about artistic changes that will, to quote Holmberg, “leave the audience lmfao-ing.”

Wilson and Holmberg have invited The Observer to attend a rehearsal for last year’s most talked about (and UNDY award winning) event, “Eternal Ramnation.” The musical is returning to the Fordham stage for the second time with a fresh cast and an updated script that reflects some of the changes Lincoln Center has implemented since the last time the production was performed.

This year, old favorites like “Student Affairs: The Roommate Song” and “Two? Are You Serious, Two?: The Elevator Song” are mixed with new compositions that are sure to please current students, including a song about Duo Mobile’s Multi-Factor Authentication.

At 10:10 p.m., the cast filed out of the double doors located to the left and right of the stage, but Holmberg and Wilson weren’t done yet. They had one final number to rehearse, this one involving special guests.

Who might they be? You’ll have to attend “Eternal Ramnation” for its encore performance at McNally Amphitheater on Friday, Nov. 17 to find out. Until then, enjoy The Observer’s exclusive video of the cast of “Eternal Ramnation” previewing one of the songs from the musical.