“American Horror Story: Cult” Episode 3 Recap


Photo courtesy of FX/via AHScult.com


This season is certainly starting off to be very action packed. Between the crazy neighbors, the creepy nanny, the horrific politician and the murderous clowns, things are certainly nerve-wracking for Ally and her family. But this episode alone had more than enough death and fear to drive anyone insane.

Episode 3 begins by explaining the aftermath of last episode’s ending— with Pedro’s very accidental murder turning Ally into the enemy of the political group she identifies with. With angry mobs forming that treat her as a racist for shooting a Latino man, Ally is regardedd as an outsider amongst “her own people.” But as she insists that it was an accident, the only one who seems to be on her side is Kai, who represents everything she hates.

The entire issue was definitely influenced by the Treyvon Martin case, in which a man shot an African American teenager and killed him in what the man claimed to be self defense, causing mass protest from those who believed the teen was only shot because he was black. Ally seems to be facing the same accusations about killing a Latino man in what she claims to be self defense, which the public is not buying. After this, Ally and Ivy get harassed by their neighbors in various disturbing ways. Ally cannot seem to escape her label as a racist, which in this case is undeserved. This is definitely a political statement on how the media sometimes leads to false assumptions about people, causing someone with good, accepting values to be labeled as a monster because of a misunderstanding.

The episode seems to torture Ally more and more as it progresses, introducing a mysterious gas emitting van that drives by her house each night that elicits an extremely creepy vibe. And just when Ally, Ivy, and Oz seem to be enjoying eachothers company for once in a long time, they return home to an extremely disturbing sight in their microwave.

The episode ends with Ivy finding out that Ally broke her trust with Winter, the nanny. Ivy storms out, only for them to find out that one of the neighbors was killed. Due to the earlier conversations the neighbors had with Kai, this raises further questions about what exactly ist is that Kai does and what his role is in these murders.

As for future episodes, I predict that the therapist is definitely a part of the murders. I also hope to get more answers about Kai and Winter and what they’re up to.

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Featured image courtesy of FX/via AHScult.com