Off-Broadway Shows Steal the Spotlight


“On the Shore of the Wide World” is performed at the Atlantic Theater Company’s Linda Gross Theater (ELVERT BARNES VIA FLICKR)


Bright lights and giant advertisements may not appear all over New York for these shows, making off-broadway seem less lavish, but the quality of the shows is just the same as any show on the Great White Way. The Off-Broadway scene produces  underperformed shows and premieres exciting, new works of art that wouldn’t make it on Broadway. An off-broadway theater creates far more intimate performances, since they only seat 100 to 499 people. While these productions have lower budgets, but these shows make audiences laugh and cry with their spectacular performances, even with their smaller sets or fewer lights compared to Broadway. Off-broadway is like a underground cavern where hidden gems lie, just waiting to be discovered. Once the lights go up on an off-broadway venue, audiences are in for a memorable night. Here are some Off-Broadway shows worth seeing this fall.

“On the Shore of the Wide World”

Written by Simon Stephens, best known for “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and directed by Neil Pepe, the artistic director of Atlantic Theater Company. “On the Shore of the Wide World” follows the lives of three different generations that seem perfect to an average onlooker but have deep secrets that cause the family’s downfall. The play takes place in Stockport, England and follows the life of this family over the course of nine months. The timeline shows just how long it can take the average family to recover from a tragedy but also shows that even when a year passes and things may seem alright, there is always an underlying gloom surrounding everyone. Audience members follow the family through the ups and downs of their life, with each family member having a different story line, including abuse, alcoholism and death. This show involves love, tragedies and family as life as they know it falls apart and comes back together.

Location: Atlantic Theater Company’s Linda Gross Theater, 336 W. 20th St.

Price: $66.50-$86.50

Rush Policy/Discounts: $20 student rush sold at the box office two hours prior to curtain with a valid student ID, cash only.


The title of this show basically gives away what the show is going to be about: Korean Pop music. “KPOP” is an immersive theater experience that follows the making of three different types of KPOP stars trying to make it in America: a solo artist, an all-female group and an all-male group on their journey as they try to assimilate their music into the American culture and make it “American.”  Audiences get to explore over 20 rooms in the KPOP factory as they watch these artists go through the highs and lows of the recording industry lifestyle.

Location: Ars Nova A.R.T., 502 W. 53rd St.

Price: $45 for general admission and $75 for premium admission which included access to VIP only rooms in the KPOP factory and expedited, concierge services.

Rush Policy/Discounts: None

“The Wolves”

Returning Off-Broadway on Nov. 1 after a successful run at The Duke, Sarah DeLappe’s play, is ready to keep audiences on edge once again, but this time at Lincoln Center. When the show first ran it was met with initial acclaim, receiving several nominations, including the Lucille Lortel Award and a Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The play follows a group of nine girls on a soccer team as they go through their daily routine of warm-ups. As simple as this may seem, within the six scenes audiences get a look into what it’s like being a teenage girl with the world around them constantly changing. The play begins with overlapping dialogue, so the audience must choose what they pay attention to. Their conversations range from talking about their menstrual cycles to Harry Potter. You get to hear stories from all the girls, which breaks any preconceived notions the audience developed about the characters from their first words, and watch as they deal with the never-ending cycle of emotions and life. The most enthralling part of DeLappe’s writing is that “The Wolves” is an ensemble piece. Audience members hear from every girl equally, so there is less of a chance of picking a favorite or having a breakout performance. What brings the show together is all nine girls speaking together to address societal issues, from being sidelined and feeling the need to prove yourself to feeling guilt and responsibility for that which cannot be controlled.

Location: Lincoln Center Theater, 150 W. 65th St.

Price: TBA

Rush/Discounts: $32 rush tickets sold two hours before a performance


A must-see for Harry Potter fans, “Puffs” takes Potterheads on a magical adventure through wizarding school. Unfortunately, this isn’t a play about any known characters, but is instead a spoof causing audience members to fall in love with wizarding heroes who weren’t ever in the books. The main character is named Wayne and his beloved friends are Oliver, who is muggle-born and Megan, who is the daughter of a henchman of the well-known villain “Voldy.” The show follows these characters through “Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic” beginning with year one as they are sorted into the “Puffs” house and throughout the years learn how to be wizards. Of course, they meet some familiar characters along the way, such as Harry, that happen to be a part of the ensemble. Everyone knows the story of Harry, but this is the story of those who are not destined to be heroes at magic school.

Location: New World Stages, 340 W. 50th St.

Price: $67.00

Rush/Discounts: $22 student rush with student ID, cash only

“Game of Thrones: The Rock Musical”

The creators of “Lost: The Musical” now bring you a musical parody of the popular HBO series, “Game of Thrones” (GOT). The musical includes 13 original songs and follows Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark as he goes through and takes on many comedic adventures, including tap dancing werewolves in a Dire Wolf sequence and an inbred prince. The songs are all odes to the GOT script, including titles such as, “Hello from Winterfell,” “You Win or You Die,” and “Let’s Go to War.” The play goes back to the beginning of season one where all the conflicts stem from and Stark is faced with many obstacles as he tries to make his way to the Iron Throne. Other characters that make appearances in the musical are fan favorites, such as Jon Snow and Catelyn Stark. The musical does not just look at the men in this story, but there is also a number that is all about female empowerment. All the women in the musical get together and sing a song about being stronger than they look. The musical is a love letter to the HBO series, and so detail-oriented that Hodor even holds the door for you when you walk into the theatre.

Location: The Jerry Orbach Theater, 1627 Broadway

Price: $63-123

Rush/Discount: TBA