“American Horror Story: Cult” Episode 2 Recap


Photo courtesy of FX/via AHScult.com


Episode 2 of “American Horror Story: Cult” (AHS) is titled “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark”- a clever double entendre that pairs the traditional horror aspect of the show with the social and political horror themes of this season. This episode really brings light to the idea of fear and how it can be used as a manipulation device.

The episode shows the extent to which Kai Anderson, Evan Peters’ character, will go to get the public to fear immigrants. He sets up situations in which he can frame Hispanic Americans to get the public to believe there is a link between these innocent people and the crimes in town, eliciting fear even within one of the most liberal characters in the season- Ally (played by Sarah Paulson).

By scaring Ally into owning a gun, enhancing her home security, and being careful not to allow strangers in, Ally becomes an unknowing advocate of typically conservative beliefs. Kai brings this into light during their intense confrontation through the newly installed bars blocking Ally’s front door.

In this scene, Kai states his intentions to run for city council and proceeds to explain his perspective on immigrants as dangerous and harmful to society, much to Ally’s dismay. Ally seems to want no part of Kai’s discussion, and refuses to invite him in- causing him to come up with several excuses meant to guilt her into letting him inside. When Ally continues to refuse, Kai makes a clear parallel between her refusal to welcome him into her home and the political disputes regarding acceptance of immigrants into the US. In this exchange, Ally says she wants to focus on building bridges, not walls. To this, Kai responds, referring to the bars on Ally’s door, “You gonna melt all that metal down and build a bridge?” A quote that definitely calls Ally out on her actions that seem to contrast with her liberal values.

Besides the political aspects, this episode also contained enough scary clown content to stick in our nightmares for a while. Winter, the babysitter, is clearly trying to get to Oz in some way. But for what? We don’t know. Perhaps to recruit him as part of the cult that she is most likely a part of with Kai.

But Winter’s actions do raise quite a few questions from the viewers. What is she up to? What is she trying to get Oz to do? What did Kai do to her that’s making her act this way as opposed to the way she was in the first episode?

And as for Ally- what’s gonna happen after that huge cliffhanger ending?

Tune in next week to find out!

Photo courtesy of FX/via AHScult.com