How Not to Wire a Circuit Board


Pablo Alcala/Lexington Herald-Leader/MCT

Published: October 8, 2009


Don’t be afraid to ask questions

I think I already know the answer

More answers leads to more questions

and I’m back to I don’t know.


Except to never crash

while trying to catch

your breath under a tub of

all those feathers before they fall into

cold water splashing on

that red brick,

remembering to breathe in

the fallen leaves on

the road that points arrows

away from this smelly shoe

So silent

that you never saw what was there

and I won’t think about how

I never knew

or what you told me to


bouncing that Pink Pearl

off tables all day

flipping it over,

weighing it in my hand

but always kept the memories.

That’s how I know that you refused

to see what was there.