CSA’s White Party: Vibrant and Full of Color


Sara Azoulay/The Observer


Kevin Quaratino, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’13, said this year’s White Party needed some innovation and spontaneity. After much deliberation, CSA decided to add a splash of color to the event with a pop art theme.

Because the White Party, which was held on Feb. 18 in the Atrium, has been CSA’s signature event for many years, the name – White Party – was maintained out of respect for the tradition. Quaratino said the splash of color was “necessary for reawakening the party’s vibrancy.”

In addition to the new theme, CSA’s executive board planned ways to increase student involvement. Amelia Zaino, FCLC ‘12 and president of CSA, said, “The most unique aspect of the White Party this year is that the e-board [made] it a party created by students, for students.”

For the event, song requests were forwarded to the DJ via a Facebook event page. CSA also asked club members for food and decor suggestions.

Joshua Pachtman, FCLC ’12, said, “I really enjoyed the event. Sometimes it’s difficult to attend school events as a commuter. I believe CSA always tries to keep us in mind when it comes to planning their yearly events.”

The night was filled with great music, dancing, raffles and various performances. In the Student Lounge, guests were provided with snacks and the option to coat their treats in a chocolate fountain. Inside the Atrium, drinks and Italian food were also served. The A Capella Club, York Campos and Alex Lupo entertained the crowd with their singing. CSA’s secretary, Melissa Gazal, FCLC ’14, also performed with her Armenian dance group at the event.

Jennifer Moran, FCLC ’12 and vice president of CSA, said, “The marketing for the White Party was extensive, with ads placed throughout Lowenstein as well as on a majority of McMahon’s bulletin boards. Individual miniature flyers were even placed on dormitory doors.”

Nusrat Jahan, FCLC ’13 and CSA’s commuter resident relations chair,  passed along the event’s details to try and get RHA to co-sponsor with CSA in order to bridge the gap between commuters and residents.

Jahan said, “Most of our attendees for these types of events are of course commuters, but we also want the kids to stay longer so that’s where the residents come in. Since they live here, they can stay out longer.”

Quaratino said, “It’s about enthusiasm, liveliness and allowing yourself to let go and be loud.”