USG Draft Constitution Expands Leadership, Structure


The United Student Government office is room G30 in 140 W.


The executive board of the United Student Government (USG) has drafted a constitution adding new leadership roles and expanding multiple aspects of the group’s structure, including the electoral process. Even though the constitution is not yet official, the executive board has voted in approval of the draft.

The two new positions added are Vice President of USG and Vice President for Facilities.

The Vice President of USG will be responsible for assisting the President in performing the duties of the presidency, presiding over and preparing the agenda for all USG General meetings, typing the agenda for each USG meeting, helping draft the USG budget, casting the deciding vote in the event of a stalemated vote and assisting other Vice Presidents as needed.

The VP of USG may also act as a voting member of the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC) and must provide the Senate with immediate notification of all Execu- tive Actions and reserve rooms for general meetings.

The Vice President for Facilities must also assist the President in performing the duties of the presidency, along with serving as chair of the Facilities Committee and the Food Services Committee, providing the Senate with immediate notification of all Executive Actions and reserving rooms for committee meetings.

The Food Services Committee, which previously existed but was not operating under official guidelines, is now outlined in full in the draft constitution. The committee is “mandated to meet once a month with the Food Services contractor to discuss and improve dining on campus.”

The drafted constitution also includes changes in the electoral process. The President and Vice

President of USG will run on a ticket system, which is the system in place at the Rose Hill campus.

The Gabelli School of Business at Lincoln Center will also gain an additional Senator per class with two Senators per class. Fordham College at Lincoln Center will continue to have three Senators per class.

Due to the restructuring of leadership, the line of succession is now as follows: Vice President of USG, Vice President for Operations, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Facilities, President Pro Tempore, Treasurer and Secretary.