Fordham’s Favorite Coffee Shops for Spring Studying


Blue Bottle Coffee, a Fordham favorite, offers quality coffee and an ideal studying environment. (JULIET ALTMANN/The Observer)


Food, water, shelter, caffeine – these are the four necessities to keep any college student functioning. Caffeine is a needed kick for many and without it, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) students may become herds of useless zombies, confusedly marching around. When it comes to studying in particular, coffee seems to be the only substance truly keeping students trudging along. While FCLC students have quick and easy access to spots like Argo Tea or the Ram Cafe, our Manhattan campus is conveniently surrounded by a plethora of spots to get your caffeine fix and find a cozy couch to study on. Here are a few spots Fordham students love to go to in order to sip their morning joe and get into the studying zone.


“One of my favorites is Whoops Bake Shop in Brooklyn. The reason I like it so much is because it’s really cute. There’s a lot of neutral colors and flowers so it’s a very calming environment. It’s right in the heart of Williamsburg, so it’s pretty residential and is the perfect spot to go to if I really want to just focus on my work. It’s the perfect change in scenery for me whenever I need to study because it’s far away enough where I have no choice but to do the work I set out to do. And, their macarons are absolutely yummy which is an added bonus.”


“FIKA on 55th is my go-to for studying because they have lots of natural light and table space. Plus, they have a great terrace that’s perfect for warm days. Sometimes on Saturdays, my friends and I will meet up to do work at a coffee shop downtown like Spreadhouse Cafe or Whynot Coffee or Devocíon in Brooklyn because it gets you off campus and into the city, while at the same time being productive. When I’m on my way to work uptown I stop at Joe Coffee on 68th, I like that they feature different drip coffees.”

DREW HASTE, drew haste, FCLC ’20

“I go to The Bean downtown on 12th because it’s very small and cute. They have really good coffee and a very calming atmosphere, so it’s perfect to study and do work. It’s very cozy and not too big of a travel downtown so I love it for studying.”


“Blue Bottle Coffee on 40th and 6th Ave is my favorite way to start the day.  I like this place because it overlooks Bryant Park, prices are reasonable, they carry top-notch, quality coffee and the baristas actually know how to make a shot of espresso and an exquisite cappuccino. I’m a sucker for small coffee shops that offer you the best, and Blue Bottle does just that. It’s never disappointed me and it’s definitely one of the best coffees one can try. Highly recommended.”