Students Take On Summer’s Final Moments


Cool off from the heat with some gelato before the city freezes over. (PHOTO BY BEN MOORE/THE OBSERVER)


While the fall semester at Fordham may start on Aug. 31, the fall season doesn’t truly begin until Sept. 22. Students arrive at school with a fall mindset, but in reality, the first few weeks are hot. Before the leaves change and the sun disappears, students have fleeting days of summer weather and activities. What can Fordham students do to take full advantage of New York City’s remaining weeks of warm weather?

Visit Smorgasburg in Brooklyn

“On Saturdays, this food festival is held in Willamsburg right on the bank of the East River with some spectacular views of Manhattan. Individual stands serve everything from donuts and coconuts, tacos and truffle fries to oysters and ice cream. Great food for you and your Instagram feed…just make sure to go on an empty stomach! And stop at the ATM before you go, it’s cash only.” – Olivia LaBarge, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’19.

Take a Trip to Governor’s Island

“Governor’s Island is only open through Sept. 25, but it’s the perfect way to spend a hot day in New York. The island is full of food trucks, street art, lawns and hammocks.  You can take a book and spend the whole day reading or go eat lunch with a group of friends and hang out on the lawns. Not only is it a break from the commotion, but it’s a break from the heat and humidity of the city.” – Carson Thornton Gonzalez, FCLC ’19.

Enjoy Fire Island

“In the last days of summer, I would definitely take a trip to Fire Island. I would go hang out on the beach, cool off in the water, take in some sun, enjoy the sand and end the day with a walk on the boardwalk.” – Alex Seyad, FCLC ’18.

Grab Some Gelato at Lincoln Center

“L’Arte del Gelato’s pink stand in Lincoln Center is the perfect fix for the blistering heat and your unrelenting sweet tooth! Swing by for a treat and then sit on the side of the fountain for a water show and a cooling mist. Fountain too crowded?  Bask in the sun on Julliard’s semi-rooftop lawn.” -Lydia Culp, FCLC ’19

Bike Through Central Park

“Buy a Citi Bike day pass for $12 and bike through Central Park with a friend! The best way to enjoy the heat is to get away from the loud noises of the city and bike along the reservoir just uptown from FCLC. Although it can be dangerous to bike on busy streets in NYC, the  park is a safe and fun place to bike alone or with a friend and enjoy nature.” – Caroline Shriver, FCLC ’19

Walk Around Chelsea Market and The High Line

“Located in the same area, Chelsea Market and The High Line are a must for warm days. Chelsea Market is an indoor food court located in Chelsea, it includes over 50 shops, restaurants and coffee shops. I usually start at “Los Tacos No. 1,” which are authentic Mexican tacos (with vegetarian options), and then get dessert at “Doughnuttery” where I can get freshly-made mini doughnuts. After walking around Chelsea Market for a while, you can make your way over to the High Line (free of charge), where you can walk around, or just sit on a bench and enjoy the view. It is a perfect way to spend your warm day with friends or even take a break from school and go enjoy the views by yourself!” – Erika Pichardo-Ley, FCLC ’19