A Closer Look at New Student Orientation


Orientation spans three days to help the new freshmen acclimate to college life. (PHOTO BY PAOLA JOAQUIN ROSSO/THE OBSERVER)


With the exception of summer classes, year-round faculty, and this year’s unique and daunting task of moving some offices into the new building, summer leaves Fordham Lincoln Center (FLC) calm and vacated amongst the usual hustle and bustle of the city. Despite this appearance of tranquility, wheels are turning inside as the University prepares for the upcoming academic year. This is no exception for the coordinators of New Student Orientation, who work throughout the summer to ensure that the new batch of freshmen who arrive in the fall are welcomed with friendly faces to ease their pre-college nerves.

Lauriann Elise Kormylo, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’18, informed The Observer that she and her co-coordinators, Jessica Jones, FCLC ’17, and Emily Lindo, Gabelli School of Business Lincoln Center (GSBLC) ’18, were hired in the spring and have been working on the extravagant three-day welcome ever since. “We go event by event, so we had Spring Preview back in the spring, and then once that was over, we started diving into the work for summer orientation and the fall program [New Student Orientation].” After spring finals, the job transitioned to full-time, and the trio lived on campus and worked Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In the final days of preparation, captains and orientation leaders (OLs) return to campus for training. Each captain works with multiple orientation groups and four OLs. The Captains train on Monday and Tuesday. OL Training, which Kormylo said she is most excited for, will take place later in the week.

According to Kormylo, the purpose of the training days is to teach captains and OLs “how to orient new students, make them feel welcome and give them as much information as they could possibly need about the school.” Essentially, training serves as a dress rehearsal for captains and OLs, so that when it starts leaders can be prepared and effectively help the freshmen transition into life at Fordham.

New Student Orientation will run from the day freshmen move in, Sunday, Aug. 28 to Tuesday, Aug. 30, with a variety of engaging events planned before classes begin. The three days will consist of a variety of events, including a “Night of Welcome” on Sunday, which includes an open mic event in the Atrium and games and movie snacks in the Student Lounge and South Lounge.

The “Night of Welcome” was Kormylo’s “baby,” and she is very proud and excited to share it with the freshmen—specifically the open mic event. “I love seeing all the new talent that the new students have to bring to Fordham,” she said.

On Monday, orientation groups will venture out into the city on various group excursions. “Excursions are always something to look forward to,” Kormylo explained. One excursion option is a mixer held at the Rose Hill campus.

Tuesday, the final night, will involve programming in Lowenstein and a dance under the stars on the Outdoor Plaza.

When asked what the most important thing on the agenda for planning New Student Orientation is, Kormylo noted the necessity of preparedness, organization and the cooperation and teamwork provided by the OLs and Captains. “All the little details add up to it being a great experience.”

Kormylo expressed a genuine desire to welcome Fordham’s new class with open and loving arms. “I hope that the new students are really excited for their time at Fordham and their experience at orientation. We worked really hard on it, and we’re hoping that they really enjoy it and gain something valuable out of it.”