Skip ‘Clueless Newbie’ With the New Student Cheat Sheet


Published: August 27, 2009

When starting your first semester at a new college, whether you are a freshman or a transfer student, it’s hard to get adjusted. Where should you get lunch? What’s the closest drug store? Where do you get dorm supplies and deposit your checks? If a friendly upperclassman doesn’t take you under their wing, your left to brave the neighborhood alone. Sure, after a couple of weeks of asking  people in class and wandering aimlessly through Columbus Circle like a tourist, you’ll figure it out. But wouldn’t it be so much easier to reach into your pocket and pull out a little cheat sheet? That’s why we’ve created one for you,  filled with important spots around the neighborhood that are frequented by Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) students.

The Need-to-know locations AT Fordham University

  • The Bursars office: Second floor of Lowenstein—Pay any bills, get an official transcript or change your information on file with Fordham.
  • The dean’s office: LL408 —Get academic advice from the deans.
  • The atrium: Plaza level, next to the cafeteria—Many of Fordham’s events take place here.
  • The White Box, Black Box, Frannys space: First floor of Lowenstein—Acting classes and student productions are held here.
  • Pope Auditorium: Right after the security station at the entrance of Fordham—Mainstage productions and guest speakers perform here.
  • The gym in McMahon: Second floor of McMahon—Excercise machines and sign up sheets for the basketball and tennis courts are here.
  • ID Office: Across from Franny’s Space—Go here if you lose your ID.
  • Art Gallery: Next to Franny’s Space—Rotating exhibitions of student artwork is displayed here.
  • Quinn library: In the hallway between Lowenstein and McMahon—It’s open until 2 AM M-R! Don’t forget to bring your ID to get in!
  • Bookstore: First floor of Lowenstein—They also sell essentials like toiletries, some food and greeting cards.
  • Four lounges in McMahon: 2nd floor, 8th floor (has the ping pong table), 14th floor (has the vending machines) and the 17th floor (for serious studying).
  • Health center: Room 203 in McMahon—Go here when you are sick or for vaccines.
  • Counseling Center: Room 211 McMahon—Counselors are available to speak with students for a variety of issues.
  • Observer Office: First floor of Lowenstein, Room SL19
  • Tech center: First floor of Lowenstein, Room SL19A