Winners of the 2016 Senior Leadership Awards Announced


The winners of the Senior Leadership Awards celebrate after the ceremony. (PHOTO BY JALEN GLENN)


On Friday April 29, Fordham’s Senior Leadership Awards were presented to seven graduating Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) seniors. Nicholas Endo, Connor Mannion, Zann Ballsun-Simms, Molly Hellauer, Laura Paone, Chris Hennessy and Jalen Glenn were announced the winners of various leadership awards presented by Student Affairs.

These awards are given every year to members of the senior class for their involvement and commitment to bettering the Fordham community. Faculty, students and staff of the University were invited to nominate seniors for the St. Alberto Hurtado, SJ Mission and Ministry Award, the Journalism Award, the Senior Leadership Award and the Alumni Award.

Endo won the St. Albert Hurtado, SJ Mission and Ministry Award, which is presented to the student who has exhibited leadership and embodies Fordham’s Jesuit mission “by living a life of faith that does justice,” as described on Fordham’s website.

This year, the Journalism Award, bestowed to recognize the senior who has contributed significantly to Fordham’s publications, was presented to Mannion, the former news editor for The Observer and assistant literary co-editor for The Comma.

The Senior Leadership Award is presented to students who have exhibited leadership skills that empower the Fordham community to create a welcoming environment. This year’s Senior Leadership Award was presented to four students, Ballsun-Simms, Hellauer, Paone and Hennessy.

Glenn won the Alumni Award, which is presented to a student who has attended FCLC for their entire undergraduate careers, has involved themselves on campus and who has achieved academic success.

President of Fordham University, Rev. Joseph McShane, S.J., was in attendance of this year’s ceremony, which was held in the 12th floor lounge of Lowenstein.