FCLC Soccer Impresses With Wins in Queens


Published: April 2, 2009

As any Fordham professor will tell you, poor attendance is the first step to failure. Such was the case for the Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) club soccer team for the past few seasons: games are played early Sunday mornings in Queens; school breaks wreak havoc on set lineups; practices are difficult to schedule.

The soccer team has overcome these issues this season, however, as a renewed sense of commitment and vigor has propelled the squad to a 3-1 record, especially impressive given that its last two wins came on Sundays during spring break.

“The last few semesters it’s been mix and match,” said Pat Wyllie, FCLC ’09. “But by now, we’ve played together enough that we have a rapport, and people are dedicated to the team.”

That dedication showed in Fordham’s 3-2 win on March 23. Schedule changes to the NRQW subway line forced players to find alternate routes to the pitch at Bryant High School in Queens. Wyllie opted for the 7 train and a bus, while others went as far as to take a cab from the East Side.

Whatever the mode of transportation, Fordham’s players managed to grab an early 1-0 win. Fordham’s opponents, LCFC, took back a 2-1 lead going into halftime, but Fordham responded in the second half, netting the equalizer early in the period and adding the game winner with 10 minutes to play.

The extra swagger in Fordham’s play can be traced back to their successful fall season, when the team managed one of its best records in years.

“We gained confidence last fall,” said Joel Rowe, FCLC ’09. “We beat teams we probably shouldn’t have beaten. We want more now; we have a lot more heart.”

Another simple answer for Fordham’s success this spring: more players. Friends of the team and law students have successfully filled the gaps of missing players, whereas in the past, Fordham would have likely taken to the pitch shorthanded.

“We’re better at recruiting people,” Rowe said. “The fact that we’re winning helps, too. People might not want to go out to Queens every Sunday, except for the fact that there’s a chance we could win every time.”

Wyllie is optimistic that Fordham’s success will continue. “This is the best team we’ve had in the four years that I’ve played,” he said. “We’ve become a close group, and we’re friends off of the field. And when you’re friends off the field, you play better on the field.”

It’s hard not to feel good for Fordham’s recent success after so many futile campaigns in the Metro Soccer NY league.

“We’re just a bunch of guys who thoroughly enjoy the sport,” Rowe said. “It’s never been about wins and losses, but now that we’re winning, it’s a boost.”