Ray Bradbury Was Right




It’s one of those days that scares me. You know the days when changing out of your pajamas seems like too much effort? Those days when laying in bed, clutching your iPhone and scrolling through various newsfeeds are the only source of brain stimulation for the day. And then, you reach a point when dragging your thumb down the touchscreen no longer produces any more new information. You move from the, now-boring, Twittersphere to the land of filtered photos—Instagram. Again, you notice how your habitual thumb motion fails to deliver any new media. Disappointed, you hope the familiar white “F” floating in a blue square will provide you with the will to keep your eyes open for another five minutes. As a new wave of disappointment crashes over you, you freeze. You let the scariest thought possible creep into your brain. You pry your iPhone from your near-permanently bent fingers and succumb to the horrible realization that you need more social media to check. Your main three or four portals no longer seem like enough. Maybe Ray Bradbury had a point—too much technology is dangerous, and can overrun society. It frightens me that this was exactly me this afternoon—staring, refreshing, wishing. Staring at my 3.5-inch technicolor display. Refreshing each social media application home screen. Wishing people would update each medium so I could catch a glimpse into their lives. Perhaps a social media detox is necessary. However, the very thought of staying off of it for a prolonged amount of time gives me anxiety. What if I miss the artsiest Instagram EVER? What if I miss a hilarious fight on Twitter? What if I miss an uproar over the new Facebook update? Being kept in the dark is one of my least favorite things. If darkness is to be allowed, it must be accompanied by the faint glow of an Apple-manufactured screen.

Maybe I need help.