Sanders Supporters at Fordham Host Debate Viewing Party


Students involved in Fordham for Bernie gathered in the 8th floor lounge to watch the Democratic debate. (CONNOR MANNION/THE OBSERVER)


On Tuesday, October 13, a group of Fordham Lincoln Center students supporting presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hosted a viewing party in the 8th floor lounge of McMahon Hall. The CNN Democratic Debate, featured Sanders, Hillary Clinton and the three other candidates running for the Democratic party nomination. The group, “Fordham for Bernie” also held an introductory session that invited the 15 students present to share why they “felt the Bern,” a commonly shared campaign slogan of the Sanders campaign.

Eileen Kelley, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’17, organized the event through her page “Fordham for Bernie Sanders” on Facebook. The page offered to have people signed into McMahon Hall, and there were freshmen present at the event who were living in McMahon and McKeon.

Kelley also handed out copies of a Democratic debate bingo sheet posted earlier on Tuesday on the website Vox, and various posters that voiced support for Sanders in the primary election. Kelley said, “We can also hopefully organize students to canvas later on.”

“Hopefully, later on we can hand out pins and organize more events in the city. Last week we went out on the plaza to get the vote out.” Kelley was recalling an event when she and another student were offering to help students register to vote in New York on Oct. 6.

Disclosure: Connor Mannion is on the executive board of RHA, the governing body of residential students at Lincoln Center.