Mean Girls Day at Dylan’s Candy Bar


Some of the special movie-themed sweets in stores now! PHOTO BY LESLIE HASSANEIN/THE OBSERVER


It may not have been a Wednesday, but the employees of Dylan’s Candy Bar locations all over the city were decked out in pink. Why? To commemorate National Mean Girls Day, duh.

On Oct. 3, Dylan’s Candy Bar celebrated the insanely quotable Mean Girls by giving out rub-off tattoos, selling adorable movie-themed products such as “Kalteen bars” and topped off the night with trivia at its Upper East Side location on 60th St. and 3rd Ave.

“We throw huge events,” Keri Pivarnick, the Assistant General Manager of the super-sweet chain store, said.

So why celebrate the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was? For most college-age students, this movie came out when we were tiny, impressionable elementary schoolers. This movie was the reason we all used the word “fetch” as a signal of approval. This was the film that acted as a how-to guide for high school. This film was the reason my high school physics teacher wore a hot pink Polo shirt every Wednesday.

Instead of baking a cake of smiles and rainbows today, just grab a friend and head to either of the Dylan’s Candy bar locations around the city – Union Square or the Upper East Side – to grab some of the sweet treats they released on Saturday.