5 Things We Love About Fordham in the Fall


Isn’t it nice to redecorate your dorm every school year? (PHOTO BY JESSICA HANLEY/THE OBSERVER)


1) The crunch of leaves under our every step while walking through the plaza to class: What better than crisp foliage to really brighten your walk to your 8:30 class. Not only does our plaza really exhibit the fall spirit when the leaves turn, it’s a perfect area for a fall picnic or early evening study sesh. And of course, your walks through it are never complete without a Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks in hand. It’s pretty cool to have your own mini Central Park right outside your school, especially when it’s surrounded by the gorgeous buildings of Hell’s Kitchen and the Upper West Side.

2) The celebration of a Fordham Halloween : We know, it’s basically still “summer” and Halloween probably hasn’t even entered your mind yet (except for maybe the fact that CVS has already stocked up on a trillion boxes of candy) but Halloween at Fordham is a joy to celebrate: seeing everyone dressed up in crazy costumes and heading off to the annual Halloween parade together. This is a day of mingling and conversation starters (aside from candy galore) and something every FCLC student should experience.

3) The sights, smells and sounds in the hallways during your first few weeks: Yeah, we know this is a weird one, but it’s something almost everyone looks forward to during the back-to-school month of September. There’s something about fresh notebooks, new textbooks, and brand new school supplies that just makes you feel rejuvenated and ready for a new beginning. It’s also nice to come back to a place with familiar sights, like Leon the security guard manning the front of McMahon; scents, like the freshly made quesadillas at the Ram Cafe; and even sounds, like blasting music from club events in the Atrium. And for all you brand new rams, you’ll soon learn that these sights, sounds and smells of Fordham will become a cherished part of your life here.

4) Reconnecting with professors:  Fordham fall would not be complete without meeting your brand new professors or reconnecting with your old ones after three long summer months. Whether it be an interesting class with a new professor you’ve never had, or finally meeting with your adviser after they’ve been gone on Sabbatical for a year, it is always a very special experience to finally put a name to a face, or pick up where you left off like old friends. Fordham in the fall isn’t just about the atmosphere or the experience, it wouldn’t exist without the people who make it what it is.

5) Redecorating our apartments and dorms in McMahon and McKeon: Nothing is better than heading into your brand new apartment for a new fall semester and having a blank canvas to start anew. Whether you’re decorating your McKeon double with that gorgeous view of downtown, or buying all of your kitchen decor and appliances for a McMahon kitchen, this is one of our favorite parts of Fordham in the fall. And if you’re a commuter? Fall decorating at home or in your Fordham locker is just as fun!