USG Holds First Meeting


The current executive board of USG from right to left: Leighton Magoon, (FCLC ’17), Amanda Richie, (FCLC ’16), and Alec Padron, (GSBLC ’18). Not pictured, Rory Hanrahan, (FCLC ’18), who was running the PowerPoint. (CONNOR MANNION/THE OBSERVER)


On Thursday Sept. 3, United Student Government (USG) held a meeting to highlight the processes of running for USG senate and the executive board. Leighton Magoon, (FCLC ’17) and the president of USG, introduced the meeting by welcoming the class of 2019. Around 15 members of the freshman class were present for the session meant to inform potential candidates that wish to run for election this September.

“United Student Government is the sole governing body for all students here at Lincoln Center. All students have the right to have their voices heard by USG,” Magoon said.

He also confirmed the position of vice president of student affairs “will be determined after September elections … I’ve been handling the duties of the position until that time [comes],” he said. Additionally, the executive board position of president pro tempore, the president of the USG Senate, will be announced after elections as well, as it is an internally elected position.

Magoon outlined the duties of the three USG committees, Facilities, Operations, and Student Affairs, and announced that Senate election packets are now available, as of Sept 3.

“The election committee will announce in the coming weeks when students can begin campaigning for election,” he added.