Friday Finds: Where To Wander In NYC This Weekend


Ryan Smith @rsseattle

By far my favorite breakfast on my vacation! (JOHN T. VIA FLICKR)


If you’re feeling hungry… grab an acai bowl! Located on 164 Mott Street, Two Hands has quickly become one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in the city. Even more impressive than its quirky and quaint décor are its delicious acai bowls. Its acai mix includes a blend of blueberries and bananas with cacao, acai powder and almond milk, topped with granola, chia seeds, coconut flakes and more fresh fruit. Ideal for breakfast, brunch, lunch…(do you see where I’m going with this?), this filling meal makes eating healthy feel like anything but a chore.

If you’re feeling artsy… take a guided graffiti tour! I’ve found that one of the best ways to learn about a city’s culture is by quite literally looking around and admiring its street art. A place as exciting yet hectic as New York City constantly keeps its residents busy and running from place to place. It would be a shame to let its inspiring and thought-provoking graffiti go unnoticed. Visit for more information.

If you’re feeling musical… go to a concert! The 2015 Global Citizen Festival is on September 26th and conveniently located in Fordham College at Lincoln Center’s own backyard, Central Park. This event is ideal for students who are in the market to enjoy music without breaking the bank because you can easily earn free tickets online. The best part? This year’s headliners include Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and Pearl Jam. The even better part? It’s all held in the name of fighting inequality, protecting our planet and ending extreme poverty around the world within the next 15 years. Visit for more information.

If you’re feeling theatrical… see a show! What I’m suggesting is a little more avant-garde than Broadway. Take advantage of the few summer nights we have left by seeing a free show brought to you by the Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park. Presented at the open-air Delacorte Theater in Central Park, the upcoming musical adaptation of The Odyssey is running from September 4-7 and sure to impress more than just Greek epic enthusiasts. We’ll be trading sandals for boots sooner than you think, so reserve your seats on before it’s too late!

If you’re feeling adventurous… go on a citywide scavenger hunt! Coined as “ingenious and unique” by Time Out New York, Accomplice productions send participants on a mission through the city. Audiences are assisted by various clues and mysterious cast members scattered throughout locations as notable as iconic landmarks and obscure as random street corners. Sure to make you see New York City in a completely new light, Visit for more information about this one of a kind experience.