Banner and My.Fordham Updates




Fordham University’s Banner and My.Fordham internal sites are set to be updated this summer and will go offline between July 16 and July 20, while improvements are being made.

Changes include migrating Banner to a cloud-based platform (remote storage) from a server (local storage), which should hypothetically make the services hosted there more dependable and responsive. However, the most significant update for students will be the much needed overhaul of the My.Fordham interface. The visual design will come to more closely resemble the style of the main website and is said to feature a more easily navigable layout. The included promise of finally making the site mobile friendly is also much appreciated, though long overdo, given how heavily both staff and students rely on their smartphones to be productive.

We will be keeping an eye out for any major issues that come up and welcome your feedback and reactions to the changes at [email protected] Find out additional additional details here.

UPDATED (July 9):

Per an email sent on July 9, these updates and improvements have been postponed indefinitely. We will update this article accordingly when a new time frame has been released.

UPDATED (July 16):

The changes are now scheduled to occur from July 23 until July 26, during which Banner will be read-only.