A Film History of Fordham




Fordham has a long history of movies that have been filmed on the Rose Hill campus, many of which were extremely famous. It has even been named one of the top 10 universities to film at. These next five examples are just some examples of popular movies filmed on our campus.
1. The Exorcist
Most students have heard that “The Exorcist” was filmed on campus. The movie focuses on a possessed young girl that must undergo an exorcism to expel the evil that has overcome her. The basements of Keating Hall and Hughes Hall were both used as set locations. Keating Hall’s basement has since had a renovation.


2. A Beautiful Mind
“A Beautiful Mind” featured some scenes filmed at Fordham, once again using Keating Hall’s basement. This Ron Howard Best Picture winner was based on the true story of John Forbes Nash (Russell Crowe), a math prodigy that was later diagnosed with schizophrenia. In one part of the movie, Nash believes that the Pentagon needs him to help decipher an extremely difficult code. All the scenes that take place in the Pentagon were filmed in Keating.


3. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
In this sequel to “Wall Street”, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) finds himself recently out of prison and trying to repair his relationship with his daughter. This movie has an all star cast of Douglas, Shia LaBeouf, Carey Mulligan and Josh Brolin. The movie only filmed one scene on campus in Keating’s auditorium. In this scene, Gekko is giving a lecture to students, many of whom were actually Fordham students that got to be extras.


4. The Adjustment Bureau
Based on the short by Philip K. Dick, “The Adjustment Bureau” follows a Congressman David Norris (Matt Damon) who falls in love with a dancer Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt). However this love is not allowed due to a plan by the “adjustment bureau.” Despite this, they fight to be together, fleeing from those who are trying to separate them throughout the city of New York. In the beginning of the movie Norris gives a speech on the steps of Keating Hall. Damon wears a Fordham baseball cap, and many of the extras he was addressing were Fordham students as well.


5. True Story
This recently released movie, starring Jonah Hill, James Franco and Felicity Jones, tells the story of journalist Michael Finkel and his relationship with FBI Most Wanted List Murderer Christian Longo. Many students reported seeing Hill and Franco filming on campus during the summer of 2013.

Watch the trailer below:


While Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus has not had as many movies filmed on campus, the few that exist are notable. My favorite piece filmed at Lincoln Center was The Lonely Island’s Ras Trent video. It appeared on “Saturday Night Live” in 2011, and takes place all around campus. Andy Samberg is first shown in a classroom that looks to be on the third floor of Lowenstein. Then, Samberg is joined by Kristen Wiig and Casey Wilson, where they are seen dancing in many places on the plaza. Finally, Samberg is also shown in a McMahon dorm room. As a Fordham student, you know exactly where each segment is filmed which is pretty cool!

Check it out below!