A Message from USGLC President: USG Needs ‘U’ to Vote


Outgoing USG President Louise Lingat, FCLC ’15. (Tyler Martins/USGLC)


With Spring Break over and only a little over a month left of classes, elections season is now approaching. Clubs are now beginning to decide when to hold elections and members are thinking about which positions they may be interested in running for. Most clubs have minimal trouble in holding elections as it is sometimes clear who the next President will be. Other clubs have competitive elections for specific positions since there may be more than one qualified candidate. Regardless, each club is now figuring out its executive board for next year, including United Student Government (USG).

USG is one of the three student governments on campus, and it serves as the voice of the entire student body. There are four main committees that fall under USG: Student Affairs, Operations, Facilities and the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC). The Student Affairs Committee focuses on bringing community with the student body which is done through planning events like Winter Ball, the Club Leader Networking Dinner and the Undergraduate Awards (UNDYs), as well as forming unity on campus through RamTips and Fordham Thursdays. The Operations Committee helps create new clubs on campus and works with existing ones to make sure that each club can be successful in achieving their mission. The Facilities Committee works with the Fordham Dining Services Team to ensure quality food on campus and the Facilities Management Team to ensure the facilities around Fordham are being taken care of. Last but not least, SABC is responsible for allocating funds to clubs so that they can have events on and off campus. As the current President, I help oversee all four committees as well as the Senate and General Meetings. USG takes on different initiatives throughout the year, such as Title IX, where this committee was formed, in collaboration with the Residence Hall Association (RHA), Commuting Students Association (CSA), In Strength, I Stand (ISIS) and The Positive, to think of ways to get students informed about the Title IX policies on sexual assault and misconduct.

So why am I talking to you about USG and elections? USG will be having their elections on April 8 and 9 via OrgSync. This is one of the very few instances in which there will be competitive elections, particularly for the presidency. Each vote matters! I encourage you to vote for the person you think would best represent your voice and the student body. There has been a low participation rate in USG elections over the years, and that may be a result of uncompetitive elections. With competitive elections, one vote can truly make all the difference. Please take the time to look at each candidate’s platform and what they hope to bring to Fordham Lincoln Center next year in their respective positions. Remember, this is your student government, and your voice should be heard! Over the years, USG has helped bring a lot of change on campus and has been open in hearing out the voices and concerns of the student body. USG will continue to do so, but it needs your voice!

I have had the privilege and honor of serving as your USG President for the past two years. It has been a presidency full of experiences, memories, fun and blessings. I am and will be forever grateful for everything I have learned, the students, faculty and administrators I have worked with, and the experiences I have had during my involvement on USG. I truly hope that whoever takes the position next year feels the same way. With that said, it is time for you, the student body, to elect a new President, a new Executive Board and Senate. You all have a significant voice on who represents you on USG next year as there really is no USG without you.