I Love a Piano: Lowenstein’s Full of Ivory Keys


An assortment of pianos line the halls of Lowenstein. (Tyler Martins/The Observer)


You may be asking yourself why there are over thirty pianos lining the halls of Lowenstein, with another fifteen or twenty pianos in McMahon 109 at Fordham at Lincoln Center.

It’s not a theatrical event hosted by the Fordham Theatre Program, or even an attempt to bring in more music majors. No, in fact, it’s a piano sale. (There’s nothing in the Residential Life Student Handbook about whether or not pianos, grand or otherwise, are allowed in McMahon or McKeon.)

Thanks to a recently formed partnership between Fordham and the Rockley Family Foundation, Fordham’s music department received a violin, a cello and new pianos. In return for these instruments, Fordham will host an instrument sale to the general public in McMahon Hall from March 19-21.

“[In the agreement] the Rockley Family Foundation would provide free pianos to the institution; in return we would host a sale of musical instruments for three days at which the instruments they had given us would be sold and replaced with new pianos for next year,” Rev. Robert Grimes, S.J., dean of FCLC, said.

While the sale will go on to profit the Rockley Family Foundation, Fordham’s music department will also gain some benefits as well. Grimes explained that, depending on how much the sale makes, the foundation will gift additional instruments and possible scholarship money to Fordham’s music students.

*Additional Reporting by Sri Stewart*