Pumpkin Pie With a Mediterranean Twist


Shirley Hon/The Observer

Published: November 20, 2008

Ideal for autumn, this scrumptious treat is simple to make and perfect for the upcoming holidays. With ingredients like honey, walnuts and oatmeal, this not-so-standard pumpkin pie is healthy and wholesome, which is perfect for people who are on post-Thanksgiving diets. There is plenty of room for your own creativity—you can always stray from the recipe and substitute alternate toppings such as cranberries, almonds and pine nuts to satisfy your taste buds!

This Greek-style pumpkin pie uses a crispy paper-thin crust called phyllo that adds great texture. Phyllo dough is very popular in the Greek culinary world and is used in practically every meal, from desserts like syrupy, sweet baklava to appetizers like the classic salty, feta-filled spinach pie. Phyllo dough is available at Greek supermarkets such as Titan Foods (25-56 31st St., Long Island City, 718-626-7771) and Mediterranean Foods (23-18 31st St., #1, Astoria, 718-545-5252).