Eamon Redpath Showcases EDM Tracks at FCLC’s DJ Showcase


Eamon Redpath, FCLC ’18, performs at FCLC’s DJ Showcase. (Brikend Behrami/The Observer)


During the Disc Jockey (DJ) Showcase on March 6, Eamon Redpath, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’18, took the turntable to give audiences a taste of his music.  As a devoted fan member of the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) community, Redpath is a part of a DJ duo called Stazio.  

Redpath developed a love for music, specifically genres of music that have a pop  sound to them, from a young age. “I always had a love for all types of music, growing up I would listen to Green Day, Madonna, Moby and other more pop type artists,” Redpath said.

While pop music helped Redpath form an appreciation for new sounds, he realized that dance music was his escape at a young age.  “It wasn’t until I was around 12 years old when I started looking for more dance type music, like Manian and Armin Van Buuren stick out from those days,” he said. 

“Then I discovered Deadmau5, and his sound design blew me away,” Redpath said. “He had countless tracks on his discography and I remember listening to all of them. I loved the beat what can I say, each song seemed to take you to a slightly different place.”

Redpath’s passion to pursue EDM as a career began when he saw one of his favorite artists, Skrillex, who is known as a big innovator and artist in the EDM community, perform live.  Redpath refers to this event as a defining moment in which he realized “how much potential EDM had as a career path.” 

From then on, Stazio went from being a dream to reality for Redpath. Redpath and his partner instantly launched their duo into the EDM industry, performing at various venues throughout their hometown, their largest gig being at Fun Mountain, the largest outdoor water park in Winnipeg.

Redpath views the DJ showcase as a new opportunity for him to further demonstrate his love for the EDM genre. “The [Songwriting Club] event is now in full swing and will be featuring Stazio and Weiyu Shen, FCLC ’17, to be DJing. Weiyu and I [plan on] mostly be playing EDM and all EDM sub-genres.”  

While Redpath is still in his first year at Fordham, he credits the Songwriters Club for paving the way for him to make connections and collaborate with other students and the Fordham community. 

Redpath said, “Both Weiyu and I love what we do, and could care less how many people are around while we do it. If this event raises the popularity of EDM in Fordham, then count me in; it’s a wonderful new thing in this world where there is money to be made and new things to discover.”

On Fordham’s EDM scene, Redpath said, “I feel like Fordham needs to open their arms more to the EDM community. As it becomes bigger and bigger, the loud hypnotic beats allow people to just forget about what is stressing them out. It’s good for people to just lose themselves in music for awhile and forget about their pains in life.” 

 Although Redpath has not officially declared a major, he is thinking of pursuing further studies in either philosophy or visual arts. Redpath is eager to continue his studies at Fordham, while also improving his musical and producing skills. “The classes I’m in right now I think will only help me further my career as a Producer/DJ … I’m getting a grasp more on philosophy and it is helping me realize more of the true nature of the [music] industry,” he said.