Fordham Reaches Double Digits in Fulbright Scholars


Pedro Cameselle to go to Uruguay for his project “… Challenge of Uruguay-US Relations during FDR Era”. (Jess Luszsczyk /The Observer)


Fordham University continues its Fulbright success which began in the 2008-2009 school year, when Fordham broke into the The Chronicle of Higher Education’s list of  top ranked research university for producing Fulbrights. The 2014-2015 year saw 11 Fordham students win Fulbright scholarships. Fordham is ranked number 15 on The Chronicle’s list of top Fulbright producers. 

A Fulbright scholarship is a grant for either individual research projects or study projects and English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Programs. The grants are for international exchange of culture and knowledge through the students who receive grants. There are 155 countries in which a Fulbright winner can conduct a research project or participate in the ETA Programs. 

The research project option allows applicants to design their own projects and gives them the ability to work with advisers at foreign universities. Six Fordham students received research grants such as, Molly Clemens, Fordham College Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’14. She will research her project “Utilizing Evolutionary Resilience to Promote Biodiversity” in Australia. 

ETA programs put Fulbright winners in classrooms to assist English teachers in foreign countries. Five different Fordham students received ETA program placements. Matthew Sinise, GSBRH ’14, will teach in Argentina. 

Aside from the two major grants, there are also Fulbright-Clinton Fellowships, Fulbright-mtvU Awards and Fulbright-Nat Geo Fellowships. The Fulbright-Clinton Fellowship allows recipients to work in a foreign government ministry or institution. For those interested in music, the Fulbright-mtvU Awards are awarded for research projects in international music and popular music. One of the most recent additions to the Fulbright family of scholarships is the Fulbright-Nat Geo Fellowships. The Nat Geo fellowship allows recipients to travel to up to three countries and write about globally significant issues.   

The split between graduate school and undergraduate school winners is even with five winners from both. 

On the other hand, there is a slight discrepancy between the number of Fordham College Rose Hill (FCRH) students and FCLC students who received Fulbright scholarships. FCRH had four winners and FCLC had two winners. 

Fordham is in a tie for 15th place with three other institutions–Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University and University of Southern California. 

Other Catholic colleges such as, Boston College, for the 2014-2015 cycle, according to The Boston College Chronicle, had students win 10 Fulbright grants. 

2015 Fulbright Winners: 

Pedro Cameselle, GSAS ’16, to Uruguay

Molly Clemens, FCLC ’14, to Australia

Daniel Davies, LAW ’14, to the Netherlands

Henrique DeAgular Valim, FCLC ’14, to Germany,

Mary Hamilton, FCRH ’14 to Taiwan

Taylor Jacob, FCRH ’14, to the United Kingdom Alexander Levine, FCRH ’14, to India

Leila Nabizadeh, GSE ’14, to Malaysia

Catherine Paul, FCRH ’13, to Malaysia

Kyle Shook, GSE ’17, to Poland

Matthew Sinise, GSB ’14, to Argentina