A Possible End to Registration Woes


After months of trying to figure out a way to register Fordham College at Lincoln Center and Fordham College at Rose Hill students that makes everyone happy, the administration has finally reached a solution: simultaneous registration.

As chaotic as our previous experience with simultaneous registration was  during the fall semester of 2013, IT and the administration are finally confident that the system can handle whatever number of students come its way. 

While there are no guarantees whether or not the system will actually cooperate until registration days arrive, the bright side is that Lincoln Center students can finally register for classes at Rose Hill without being barred till Rose Hill students have to register. This opens a whole new world of exciting class options to Lincoln Center students that they will actually have a chance to enroll in before they fill up. Not to mention, this system makes the registration process equal for everyone so that one campus will not have a higher advantage than the other. 

For rising juniors, this idea may lead to stress-induced spasms and traumatic memories of the last attempt at simultaneous registration that lead to hoards of first-time registrants lined up outside the Deans’ offices trying not to burst into tears as they watched their academic hopes for the semester fade with the seconds ticking by on the clock. 

For outgoing seniors, this may cause disappointment that IT and the administration was never able to pull this system together while they were struggling to fill their elective spaces with things that would still hold their attention while senioritis drives them to checking their Facebook pages for the thousandth time in an hour.  

If everything goes as smoothly as predicted for this upcoming registration, this will completely change the way Rams register in the future. The Class of 2019 (that’s right, the incoming freshmen are already the Class of 2019, feel old yet?) will never have our old registration woes. Here’s to hoping registration is a success and Fordham’s old bi-campus system finds itself enrolling in an easier future.