Flood in McKeon Residence Hall


Around 2 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 4, a water leak occurred in room 16-14 of McKeon Residence Hall. The water was seeping out of a fire alarm for several hours. Somehow the fire alarm went off either because of the water leak or in an unrelated manner, according to the Fire Chief who responded to the scene within minutes of the alarm sounding. There was no visible fire in the room. After replacing the fire alarm, maintenance crews went to investigate the source of the water. No leakage was found in the rooms directly above or below the room.

There is some speculation that the water is from snow melt on McKeon’s roof, which is known to skip some floors, according to a Fordham maintenance worker on the scene. The next morning there were several water bubbles on the wall of the 16-14/16-18 shared bathroom. The leak seemed to be coming from the 16-14 side of the bathroom. The water was removed and there appears to be no other leaks in 16-14 or the bathroom. 16-14 is the only confirmed room with water leakage although there has not been an official report by the university regarding this matter.

Residential Life at Lincoln Center is still investigating the water leakage and declined to comment further.