Molimo Opens Up At Open Mic Night

Fordham Students Gather to Embrace Black History Month


An open mic night usually incites images of a poet reciting melancholic verses to a finger-snapping audience while the soft beating of a drum is gradually incorporated into the performance. Molimo’s Open Mic Night completely dismantled the standards associated with an event of this nature.

Karina Bowen, FCLC ’12, said she truly enjoyed the night’s festivities.  “I love that Molimo has created an environment where students can freely express themselves amongst their peers,” Bowen said. “In honor of Black History Month, I believe this event truly highlights the importance of freedom of speech. At Fordham, this principle has always been strengthened through these type of events.”

Students from both Fordham campuses gathered in the Student Lounge to express their artistic talents and support their performing classmates. The environment was welcoming and light-hearted, decorated with brightly colored balloons and a display of sandwiches, fruit, cupcakes and refreshments for guests.

Molimo’s president, Monique John, FCLC ’13, performed a portion of Pink Floyd’s song, “I Wish You Were Here.”

John said, “This year’s open mic night has had a great turnout. We have a terrific executive board this year. Their planning efforts are reflected in the event’s success this year.”

Steven Adubato, FCLC ’13, is in charge of Molimo’s publicity. Adubato said, “Molimo is doing great things to bring awareness to African-American culture in Fordham. We are trying very hard to represent Black History Month through all of our events.” Adubato’s marketing efforts included flyers, posters, e-mails and a Facebook event.

One of the night’s main performances featured poet Moira Murphy, commonly known as Fly Vida, meaning “The Fly Life.” As a member of Rose Hill’s Hip Hop Coalition, Fly Vida has helped raise awareness of the hip hop culture. Her poems are indicative of her Spanish roots and her passion for hip hop.

In addition, a group called The Recreation performed their song “Finally Back.” Although members Harlyn Wever and Marcos Rincon are not Fordham students, their performances were received well by those in attendance.

Maddy Rivera, FCLC ’12, said, “Black History Month is an ideal time to educate the Fordham community. Events such as open mic night are very inclusive of everyone’s ideas and thoughts. Fortunately, Fordham provides us students with a safe environment where we can express ourselves.”

The night finished with students dancing the electric slide. Through poetry, song,and dance, Fordham students embraced their artistic talents.