Improving FCLC Soccer Falls in Close Game


Published: October 16, 2008

The FCLC Soccer team was unable to capitalize on their back-to-back wins in the previous weeks, as they fell in a close 2-1 match on Oct. 5 against Kerkyra 2007, who are tied for third place in the Bryant High School South division. The loss dropped Fordham’s record to 2-3 and placed them in a three-way tie for fifth place in the division.

Fordham’s defense did not allow many scoring chances. Kerkyra’s first goal came on a free kick, the result of which was described by FCLC goalkeeper Patrick Wyllie, FCLC ’09, as “a questionable foul.” The second score against Fordham was the result of a long clear by the opponent’s defense, setting up a one-on-one with Fordham’s keeper.

However, the team is clearly making progress and gaining confidence as they head into their biggest game of the season next week.

“Our passing game has gotten a lot better, and our fitness level, which is always a problem for college club teams, is improving,” said Harry Bradford, FCLC ’09.

Despite their losing record, the FCLC Soccer team has performed well enough to keep themselves in contention.  A 3-2 victory against GoodFellas on Sept. 28 proved that the team has the potential to win in its division.  According to Bradford, the team has simply failed to take advantage of opportunities and limit mistakes.

“Last week [Sept. 28], we passed the ball well but had a few lapses on defense and a few opportunities on offense that we should have converted.”  Another positive sign of things to come has been the dedication that the team has demonstrated this year.  Peter Muller, FCLC ’10, explained that commitment has been a problem in the past, but that trend has turned around this season.

“I am extremely happy with the good turnouts we have had for every game so far this season. Usually we lose newcomers each year, but this year, everyone has been very committed to the team,” Muller said.

With the team steadily improving over the past few weeks, there is reason for optimism, especially as the team heads into the Oct. 12 game against division leader Brooklyn LC.  Brooklyn LC is currently undefeated, with a perfect 5-0 record.  Fordham will obviously be an underdog, but that will give them the opportunity for a major upset.  A win would improve their record to 3-3 and put them in the hunt for a division title.  The team realizes the opportunity they have at their next game and are eager to take advantage of that opportunity.

“Next week [Oct. 12]…we plan on going out there, doing our best and hopefully coming away with a point or three against a team that’s won every game they’ve played so far. It’ll be a challenge, but I know if we play well, this team can do it,” said Bradford.