FCLC Students Register a Week Earlier than RH Campus


(Sarah Howard/The Observer)


(Sarah Howard/The Observer)
(Sarah Howard/The Observer)

Registration dates have changed once again for students at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) and Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH). FCLC students registered for classes during the first week of April, and FCRH students will be registering the second week of April. However, FCLC students can only start registering for courses at FCRH on April 16.

According to Mark Mattson, associate dean of FCLC, the decision to end simultaneous registration was voted on by the College Council at Lincoln Center (LC) due to problems encountered by students last semester and the inability of the system to accommodate a large number of students trying to register at the same time. However, that same day, the College Council at Rose Hill (RH) voted to continue simultaneous registration. “A committee was formed to resolve the discrepancy and come up with a plan on how to register for this semester and going forward,” Mattson said.

The decision resulted in having the two campuses register separately; this decision does not allow LC students to register for any RH classes until the last day of registration for RH students.
“There were also problems in that since there are so many more students at RH than LC, the impact of leveling the playing field was to have a lot of RH in LC courses than vice versa so there were about 20 closed courses where there were a large number of RH students,” Mattson said, regarding the decision to have LC students register for RH later.

Changes have also been made to the my.fordham.edu site where students registering can find a button that leads them directly to a list of options, including add or drop class option for registration.

Feedback by students regarding the registration process has been relatively positive on social media sites in opposition to previous semesters.
Fanni Hegedus, FCLC ’15, said “It was definitely a lot easier this time around.” When asked what she thought of the decision to make LC students register for RH courses after RH registers, she said “It’s not fair that they have to wait until the day that RH freshman register. But it wouldn’t be fair if they registered now either.”

Saharish Khan, FCLC ’15, also had similar opinions regarding the registration process. “It was actually really easy. I am usually in a rush to sign up for classes, however this year, since I signed up for classes first I really wasn’t in a hurry. Also I noticed my.fordham had a different spot for registration for classes which also made it easy,” Khan said.

In agreement with Hegedus and Khan, Mike Macalintal, FCLC ’15 said he had an easier time registering for classes this semester than last. “Last semester was definitely a lot crazier and incredibly difficult to navigate through in comparison to today. I think a lot of it had to do with just seniority and also being in deep with finding classes that fulfilled my major. However, I do think it was a smart idea for campuses to prioritize registration for the classes that were held at each campus and I’ve noticed that there were, at least from the earlier parts of registration, a little less anxiety than there normally is,” Macalintal said.

When asked whether there were plans on trying simultaneous registration again, Mattson said, “Well, going forward the idea is to have Banner be able to temporarily restrict students from registering on the other campus so that we could have simultaneous registration but still for the first week or two have students be able to register only for their home campus. That would be the fairest way to do it. If we open everything up for everybody then we get too many Rose Hill students in Lincoln Center courses and then Lincoln Center students cannot get into them. This version of Banner today cannot do that so I have to personally deregister students who register for courses at RH.”