FCLC Soccer Holds Opponent Scoreless in First Win of Season


Published: October 2, 2008

In their third game of the fall season, the Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) Soccer Club claimed a 2-0 victory on the back of goals by Harry Bradford, FCLC ’09, and Misha Kollontai, FCLC ’11, to improve their record to 1-2.

In addition to the offensive prowess, the Sept. 21 game at Bryant High School in Astoria, Queens was host to an amazing performance by goalkeeper Patrick Wyllie, FCLC ’09, who made many great saves. For a team that had been struggling through much of last year, a win early in the season is a huge confidence booster for a team that is starting to come together.

“Having a practice during the week really benefited us,” said Richard Scott, FCLC ’11, who had been with the team during the rough times last year.

During the opening week of the season, the team had lost a 6-0 contest, but Scott suggests the final score was not indicative of Fordham’s performance.

Welcoming new freshmen to the team has its drawbacks, such as gambling on unproven team chemistry. Since then, the new members of the team have had opportunities to become more associated with the rest of the team. The Soccer Club had a few practices during the week and had gotten more comfortable with each other as teammates. The first win of the season marks proof that something special is developing on the soccer field.

“The team has really been improving,” said Peter Muller, FCLC ’10.

It has been a learning experience for the entire team. In the second game of the season, the team was matched against an opponent with excellent defense.

“We outnumbered the other team in substitutions which helped us to keep fresh legs,” said Scott, after the team put up a good fight.

Fordham did not get many scoring opportunities, but Luiz Loures, FCLC ’11, managed to score a goal in the first half. While they played with heart for the rest of the game, Fordham fell 3-1, after surrendering two goals in the final two minutes of play. The heartbreaking loss did its part in inspiring the team’s first victory.

The second game of the season also marked the first appearance of the team’s newest goalie, Christian Okolski, FCLC ’10. He saved numerous potential goals for a team that had no idea exactly how good he’d be for them.

Next week, the Soccer Club will step on the field once again in Astoria, where its latest victory will hopefully mark the beginning of a winning streak.