Anna Abowd, FCLC’s Resident Elf, Spreads Christmas Cheer



Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) has decked the halls with holiday spirit, and there is one student who has Christmas cheer to spare.

You may recognize her from her signature elf hat, her collection of Christmas socks or just her sheer holiday cheer.

“I love Christmas so much because it is just the time that I feel like everyone goes out of their way to be nice and make things special, even though I think that should happen all year round,” Anna Abowd, FCLC ’15, said.

“And who doesn’t like sparkle lights and snow,” she quickly added.

Abowd can be seen around school sporting an elf hat she made herself, a personal masterpiece for a student who usually helps costume some of the theatre program’s productions.

The reactions, she said, have been generally positive. “I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten any negative reactions, besides some people saying ‘it’s too early.’ But I always wait until after Thanksgiving so I don’t think it’s too early,” she said.

“I think the best reaction I ever got was: I was actually in the Garment District going to a fabric store and I was waiting for an elevator and this woman saw me and she literally just screamed, ‘Oh my gosh! It’s Christmas!’ and was really happy because she forgot that Christmas was coming,” Abowd said.

“It’s those types of reactions I really, really, really like and make me happy for wearing my hat.”

One New York City Christmas tradition she never misses? Visiting the Macy’s Santa.

“I’ve seen the Macy’s Santa every year and gotten my little Santaland pin. So I haven’t missed that, and I hope I don’t as long as I am in New York,” Abowd said.