James O’Keefe Speaks at Fordham


James O’Keefe speaking in Flom Auditorium. (Ian McKenna/The Observer)


James O'Keefe speaking in Flom Auditorium. (Ian McKenna/The Observer)
James O’Keefe speaking in Flom Auditorium. (Ian McKenna/The Observer)

“Citizens can make a difference,” James O’Keefe, right-wing journalist, said, later adding, “All it requires is a little bit of nerve, walking up to someone and calling them out.”

O’Keefe, a 29-year-old Rutgers University graduate, spoke in Flom Auditorium on Oct. 24 about his history in the media, corruption in the government, the failure of the media and his New York Times best-selling book “Breakthrough: Guerilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy.”

Throughout the night, O’Keefe showed videos to attendants, totaling less than 100, of his early work at Rutgers, where he posed as an Irish-American offended by the presence of Lucky Charms in the cafeteria, Project Veritas operations, including those that busted ACORN, NPR, Planned Parenthood, and even media reactions, including from such outlets as CNN, Fox News and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

“The people in the White House were just so happy I did this. I am going to get Pulitzers, right?” O’Keefe said of his many videos that unveiled corruption in the government. “No. It was defamation, subpoenas and lawsuits.”

Following O’Keefe’s presentation, students had the opportunity to ask him questions. One student asked if O’Keefe had any remorse regarding the outcomes of his investigations, namely the defunding of certain programs and the firing of government and civilian workers.

“If the truth is this bad, that people get fired, than thats the reality. Would you rather censor the truth so there is no consequence?” O’Keefe said

“The only thing better than getting rid of media bias is getting the media to cover our stories,” O’Keefe said.

“Stay tuned. We have a big project coming out in a couple of weeks,” O’Keefe said of Project Veritas’ future.

O’Keefe’s book was available for purchase and signing after the event.

Luke Zaro, Fordham College at Rose Hill ’16 and president of the College Republicans, opened the meeting by announcing an event with Alisi, a discourse on race and politics, to be held Nov. 5 co-hosted by the College Republicans and Asili.