Get Paid Five Dollars Everytime You Do Something You Love


Have a hobby or skill that just does not seem appropriate to place in a resume? Want to get paid? Try Fiverr! (Yuanxi Liu/The Observer)


As college students, we’ve all encountered the generic career advice: “Do what you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life,” at some point in time. Despite your cynicism, this ideology does exist and it can also exist during your college career. On Fiverr, you can utilize a hobby you love or a skill you have as a micro-profession and get paid for it.

Have a hobby or skill that just does not seem appropriate to place in a resume? Want to get paid? Try Fiverr! (Yuanxi Liu/The Observer)
Have a hobby or skill that just does not seem appropriate to place in a resume? Want to get paid? Try Fiverr! (Yuanxi Liu/The Observer)

Fiverr is an online marketplace that includes a variety of freelancers who offer their hobbies and skills as tasks and services, which the company refers to as “gigs.” These performed “gigs” begin at the selling cost of five dollars per task and are categorized into areas of interest like “Fun and Bizarre” or “Writing and Translation.”  Sometimes you’ll find “gigs” that range in price or cost more because of the time and effort put into them.

For college students, this means that you can literally do anything and get paid for it. You can find some of the most unusual tasks that Fiverr offers. In the “Just for Fun” realm, you’ll find things like “Make a funny old silent film Charlie Chaplin Style” or “Perform a tarot card reading” and these are just a few of the ridiculously fascinating tasks you can sift through.

The Observer asked five students at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) if they would take their talents or favorite hobbies and sell them on a virtual online store.

Neilab Rahinzada, FCLC ’16, was surprised to hear about the concept of Fiverr and discussed the possibility of what she’d like to get paid for. “Wow, I should probably get a hobby I guess, because it sounds like an awesome idea,” Rahinzada said. “If I had to choose a job, I would do all kinds of research for people. I’m a really good reader and if people need me to search about topics, I’d be capable of doing that  in a semi-professional way.”

It seemed like a few of the other students who had never heard about Fiverr were also curious to know everything that the inventive site entails.

Andre Simone, FCLC ’15, said, “I can make decisions for people. For five dollars, I would make a decision for you. I may be an indecisive person myself, but I’m sure that wouldn’t effect the decisions I make for others.”

And then there were FCLC students who were more familiar with Fiverr. Zehra Kayi, FCLC ’14, said she would definitely put her favorite hobby to good use. “Fiverr, yeah! It reminds me of, which is also great. I love to knit and I’m a commuter, so I always knit to pass time on the train. Even if I’d be getting only five dollars for it, I do it all the time anyway,” Kayi said. “Grabbing quick cash for knitting is basically free money.”

Barbara Erik, FCLC ’17, is a freshman whose shopping skills are above par. “Give me five dollars for each time I’d personally go shopping for a person, and I’d be a happy girl,” Erik said. “If somebody needs fashion and styling tips, I’d include that as part of my service too.”

Aside from the Fiverr’s tasks that are more peculiar, there is still plenty of room for academic services. That’s where Gigi Engle, FCLC ’14, would come in. “As basic as it is, I love writing and, God knows, I’d love to be paid to write,” Engle said. “I would write about whatever people wanted to read, like love, life, friendships and that sort of stuff.”

Fiverr is an enterprising workspace that allows students to further explore their creativities and areas of expertise for quick cash, and we, the FCLC community do not object to that.