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Reasons Why Dating a Nerd May Be For You


Published: May 1, 2008

It seems that girls tend to make the wrong decisions when it comes to choosing a guy to date. The majority of females flock toward the same three types of males: the athletic meathead, the prep who would be a great kisser and shopping buddy or the overly sensitive musician. They may seem great upon first glance and impression, but the initial spark burns out after a while. Meanwhile, another group of guys, the “nerds,” do not get as much recognition as they deserve. Here are five reasons why girls should consider snagging themselves a nerdy boyfriend:

They are more considerate.

Because girls tend to ignore them more often, nerds have a while to observe from a distance. Thus, nerds take note of everything they can say to make a girl happy. For example, they try to remember every single detail about their future suitor, from the essentials (such as the exact date and time of her birth and her favorite color and food) to the most trivial detail (such as where every freckle lies on her left arm and her childhood dog’s name).

They have already practiced how to win you over.

As weird as this sounds, nerds want to keep their women happy for as long as humanly possible. Using their already-keen observational skills and intense knowledge of Google and YouTube, nerds know exactly where to look to find ideas to woo their ladies. By the time the nerd finds his perfect lady, he has already been transformed into a perfectly trained chivalric gentleman who is all prepared to sweep his lady off of her feet.

They have brains.

It is very hard to become disinterested when one is talking to a nerd, because they have knowledge of a wide range of topics. From the latest developments in the quest to stop global warming to which TV shows should be considered cult classics (nerds will fall in love with women who appreciate “Mystery Science Theater 3000” or “Dr. Who,” guaranteed), conversations with nerds can last for hours on end without the slightest hint of staleness. Also, their vocabulary is refined. Besides the occasional slip-up of using Internet slang in everyday banter, nerds know better than to speak like a wannabe gangster.

They give you personal space.

Nerds respect the fact that their girlfriends have lives of their own. Nerds’ ladies can go out with their friends as much as they want, while their nerds spend the night playing “Super Smash Brothers Brawl.” All they ask for afterwards is to save a day for cuddling in bed while watching the “Indiana Jones” trilogy back-to-back with them.

They have heart.

The best thing about a nerd is how much he appreciates his girlfriend. His awkward aura might turn some off, but he really means well. A nerd tries his hardest to make sure that his girlfriend is happy. He goes out of his way to do this, even if it means catching a  train to his girlfriend’s hometown to deliver roses in her favorite color. Also, the nerd considers his woman the greatest woman in the world, flaws and all. He doesn’t see how his girl thinks she looks atrocious without makeup, and he doesn’t notice that his girlfriend thinks she looks fat in her size two jeans.

The majority of guys I have been in relationships with, regardless of whether it was casual or serious, have been nerdy. Each of my boyfriends has certain quirks that sets him apart from the average guy. One of them has a near-unhealthy “World of Warcraft” obsession. Another could probably quote the first three (or as he would say, the only three) “Star Wars” movies. Despite their lovable quirks, the men in my life had the elements necessary for a relationship capable of lasting. The best thing about dating all of them was that it made it a lot easier for me to act like my typical nerdy self. It’s difficult to find somebody who you can be yourself around, so what’s so wrong about finding your true self through a nerd? Who knows, you might learn a thing or two about swinging a light saber.