6 Important Lessons to Learn Freshman Year


Hello you freshman who is reading this story. Welcome to Fordham. You are probably going to have a rather hectic few weeks starting right about now. But just breathe. It does get easier, and you will be able to do this. It may seem like there is simply too much to do and learn and remember and experience, but if you keep seven easy lessons in mind you should be just fine.

Side note. Fineness is not guaranteed. Results may vary. So on and so forth.

1. Slow Down

In this city, in particular, everything seems so fast. People are rushing down the street without looking up. Cab drivers swerve through spaces that lurch your stomach up into your throat. Days and nights run together in the ‘city that never sleeps’ and before you know it, you’re in your senior year of college and wondering where all the time has gone. Because of all this it seems like you need to move just as fast. You need to rush to class and run through experiences and constantly keep moving.

But just slow down. Listen to what your professors are actually saying, read the things they assign—as boring as it may seem. Go to Central Park and just sit and take in the people and the scenery. Just go slow. When you get so caught up in the fastness it becomes harder and harder to remember, which is something you want to do.

2.  Use Your Professors

The professors at this school are uniquely awesome. They know such a variety of quirky and inspiring facts and stories. They have met people you wouldn’t believe. They have experienced things that would make you jealous. They have recommendations for movies, literature, travel, activities – even places to eat. Every single person has that one professor on campus who is theirs; who they go to with every problem, who answers every question, who they can talk to for hours. Find that professor and use them. They like it.



3. Talk

Sometimes it is intimidating to put yourself out there. That’s going to change very quickly. Lincoln Center is a very vocal and a very opinionated campus. Before long any sort of hesitation or shyness you have will quickly fade into a self assuredness in any and all discussions, debates or arguments, whether that talk take place in a classroom, a club, in the Ram Van, on the street. Do not be afraid to express yourself. Chances are people here want to hear what you have to say, even if they seem intimidating. You’re going to be able to make relationships, factoids and stories of your own only through opening your mouth and saying something.

4. Explore

This is one of the best and most exciting cities in the world. That is not even an exaggeration. The amount of different areas and neighborhoods that exist here is almost overwhelming. It becomes very easy, especially here on the Upper West Side, to find everything you need here and never leave the ten blocks around campus. Do not let that happen to yourself. Go to the Lower East Side. Go to Chelsea. Go to Times Square (once and get it over with—then don’t go again). Go to more of Brooklyn than Williamsburg. Go to Queens. Go everywhere. Even if you have lived in this city your entire life use this time to get yourself lost and find the places and the restaurants and the stores that are going to line the pages of your story of New York and Fordham.

5. Breathe

Breathing is one of those things that you’re supposed to do without thinking, but it seems like in college you’re constantly forgetting. There are tests and papers and presentations and meetings and fun and sleep and all sorts of things to do and if you don’t think about it you’ll get caught up and forget to breathe. When you’re stressing out over getting the perfect grade on a paper or making the perfect impression or having the best night ever, you kind of forget to breathe. You’re not going to succeed at anything here if you’re constantly on edge and stressed about it. Just breathe. And remember that cheesy mantra – whatever happens happens.

6.Have Fun

Just do this one. Go to concerts. Dance with people on the street. Read books on the pier at sunset. Stay in your bed and play video games. Go for a drink —after you turn 21. Bike through. You will be forever miserable if you look back on your college years and you spent four years in a library. Find the balance. Get your work done, but also find out where “Girls” is filming and go stand and watch. Just have fun.

7. Misc. 

Slightly unrelated, but still important for you to know here at Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Go to Alan’s for salads and sandwiches. Do not wear sweatpants to class. Leggings count as pants. Olympic Flame is better than regular Flame. Make friends with the security guards. And definitely join The Observer.