Sodexo Extends Dining Services


Beginning this fall, Sodexo is improving and adding a number of their services to Fordham College at Lincoln Center’s (FCLC) Ram Café and meal plan for students. Improvements include the addition of Ram Bucks, as well as more food options and serving methods for the FCLC Law School Café and the Ram Café.

According to John Azzopardi, resident district manager of Sodexo, Ram Bucks is an off campus solution to students’ meal plans. “[Students] can use their Fordham IDs to make purchases in any Fordham Hospitality Services or local off-campus vendors that accepts them.”

Through Ram Bucks, students can easily load points onto their card. “As like the regular meal plan, students can refill their Ram Bucks onto their accounts,” Azzopardi said. “Additionally, there will be a special terminal to refill their accounts.”

First introduced at Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) last year, Ram Bucks will begin this fall at FCLC. “Last year, we planned to start the program at Lincoln Center but could not go through with it because we could not find local partners,” Azzopardi said. “However, [Sodexo] was able to find three vendors that will accept Ram Bucks from students.”

The three vendors for the program are CVS Pharmacy on 58th Street, Bread Factory on 58th Street and Europan Café on 8th Ave between 55th and 56th Street. “[CVS Pharmacy, Bread Factory and Europan Café] will give students more options and the flexibility to go around their neighborhood,” Azzopardi said.

Additionally, according to Azzopardi, carrying the Ram Bucks on the Fordham ID will be safer for students when purchasing off campus. “For security reasons, the Ram Bucks is safer—students do not have to worry about carrying cash or credit cards when around the neighborhood,” he said.

Azzopardi has prospects that the Ram Bucks program at FCLC will receive the same response from students as that on FCRH campus. “[Ram Bucks] at FCRH was well received,” he said. “It gives students the flexibility and variety to get out of campus on their meal plan.”

In addition to the Ram Bucks, Sodexo is adding more food options to the law school cafeteria menu. “[Sodexo] will be introducing more of a variety of sandwiches, wraps and more,” Azzopardi said. “Also, we are offering a gluten-free option for students.”

Sodexo is also introducing a vendor called Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. to the law school cafe. “[The soft served fruit] is also gluten free – it is dairy free, and it is made from only fruit, water and organic sugar cane,” Azzopardi said. “The soft served fruit will provide more variety, and it is a healthy option for students at FCLC.”

In regards to the Ram Café, Sodexo made a number of enhancements to their service for students.

First, Sodexo introduced a self-serve omelet station this summer. “This will give students an opportunity to customize their omelets, and they have more breakfast options at the Ram Café,” Azzopardi said.

Secondly, Sodexo will also give students the method of picking and choosing readily made traditional entrées. “[Sodexo] will be serving food already prepared. It will enhance the student experience, and will make it much faster to get food,” Azzopardi said.

Sodexo is continuing to implement comments and suggestions made by students into the Ram Café. “We took into account all of the feedback we got from students. For fall, we are mainly focusing on our speed of service and variety of food.” Azzopardi said. “[Sodexo] wants to meet the need of students, especially when classes become hectic—we want to deliver a variety of food in a timely fashion.”