Trend Report Summer 2013: Awesome Accessories to Spice Up Your Summer


From left to right: A student sporting a bow tie; a Marc Jacobs perfume bracelet; an ear cuff. (Tavy/


From left to right: A student sporting a bow tie; a Marc Jacobs perfume bracelet; an ear cuff. (Tavy/
From left to right: A student sporting a bow tie; a Marc Jacobs perfume bracelet; an ear cuff. (Tavy/

Over the last few weeks strolling around Lincoln Center, I have seen some bizarre yet cutting-edge accessories worn by fellow neighbors walking their dogs and sipping on their first iced lattes of the season. These aren’t just your everyday, conventional accessories, but each of these individual pieces certainly complement an everyday outfit by straying away from the usual looks and functions of a necklace, bracelet or earrings.

The trendy accessories of this summer, bow ties, ear-cuffs—(for those of you who are frightened, stay tuned) and fragranced necklaces, have characterized ensembles into exciting, iconic looks.

1. Bow Ties

Fashion is feeling its 1920s itch. The rebirth of 1920s swagger has lately been the most talked about look among men, especially since director Baz Luhrmann’s much anticipated screen adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” premiers in May. The key to achieving the dapper style is with a fashion staple as simple as the bow tie.  Andrew Milne FCLC’16, is fond of bow-ties and wears them often, “Ties are just one of the few ways that men can accessorize, so bow-ties help to assert individuality through style.”

If you’re thinking, “where can I wear a bow-tie?” According to Milne, The answer is, “Everywhere! Bowties are always appropriate whether you’re going for a Humphrey Bogart look or if you want to look like Darren Criss.” But, be extra careful and try to stay away from red bow ties if you want to avoid looking like Peewee Herman.

Ladies, this trend is not just for the men. There are bow ties in the form of feminine materials such as lace, eyelet and velvet. They could be used as hairpieces to complete a ballerina look or as a bowed headband for a wavy-haired look. And that’s not the only option. If you admire androgyny, then you can don bow ties with a short-sleeved fitted blouse.

Where to Buy: : H&M, American Apparel, J-Crew

2. Perfume Jewelry  

Two in one items are as cool as they are convenient. Perfume is not only found in eau de toilette bottle these days. This summer, you can wear necklaces, bracelets and even earrings that have perfume beads inside of them to keep a clinging fresh scent to you all day long. Fragranced jewelry comes in a variety of styles and collections as there are several beaded scents to choose from like Japanese Agarwood and French Clary Sage. You can take gold-perfumed earrings from day-to-night and wear it with a turquoise sundress or you can take a scented pearled charm necklace and transition into an all black, sleek outfit for a night out.

Theodora Austin FCLC’16 said, “I don’t own a product like this yet but it sounds like the best thing ever. I’ve looked at some pieces online and I’m excited to buy a few that I’ve really liked.”

Fun Fact: Perfume Jewelry was created by actor Dustin Hoffman’s wife, Lisa Hoffman and presents her own classic collection, Swarovski elements and a collection by Tom Binns for Lisa Hoffman.

Where to Buy:

3. Ear Cuffs

This accessory might sound the most alarming out of the bunch. Is it like, a handcuff but for your ear? Kind of, but it is categorically the most eye-catching out of the accessories stated above. Depending on how fashionably daring you choose to be with them, these decorative rings construct an edgy embellishment around the entire ear. You don’t even need pierced ears to wear cuffs because they come in a clamp on version as well. Some of the options that you have with ear cuffs create lovely designs on the ear like flourished metal flowers, looping chains and whimsical sculptures that are crafted with lots of detail—some take the shape of dragons.

Gigi Engle FCLC’14 said, “I think ear cuffs are great accessories for a bedazzled statement look paired with a simple outfit.” Essentially, all of this translates to an ear mask that veils the entire ear.

Where to Buy: Claire’s Accessories, Free People