Your Guide to Fordham’s Spring Weekend 2008


So you’re broke after your spring break vacation or you can’t get into any of the nice clubs and lounges because you’re under 21. What’s a college student gotta do to find some fun around here? Kiddies, have no fear—Fordham has set up a partial week of free activities for all students during Spring Weekend at the Rose Hill campus.

With unexpected but very cool happenings such as sports competitions, carnivals, food contests and celebrity guest performances, the event is a hit every year. Best of all, every single event you attend is 100 percent free, with complimentary food and drinks at most events.

One of the biggest events of the weekend is the concert on April 26, featuring the Secret Machines and rap artist Ghostface Killah, much to the disdain of FUerez Hilton commentors. Whether you love or hate the artists, concert activities are sure to please with novelties like airbrush shirts, hats, henna tattoos, caricature artists, stilt walkers, Dippin’ Dots ice cream, Cirque de Soleil balancing artists and more. For those of you that go on an empty stomach, there will be a barbeque serving up what promises to be better than cafeteria food.

You’re allowed to bring two outside guests, as long as they each have an ID, but security will be tight at all events, so expect your bags to be checked. Take a Ram Van up to Rose Hill and enjoy some of the best events Fordham has to offer. Make memories and have fun!


Wed., April 23
Pugsley’s Pizza Eating Contest
Time TBA at McGinley Lawn

Stuff your face with delicious New York pizza, and see if you can beat out your fellow Fordham competitors. Bring a big appetite!


Thurs., April 24
Guest Speaker Alina Fernandez
7 p.m. at Keating Hall, 1st floor

Fernandez, Fidel Castro’s daughter and author of “Castro’s Daughter: An Exile’s Memoir of Cuba,” will be speaking about her exile from Cuba and her immigration to the U.S.  She will share her personal strife of being censored as a child and not being able to let people know who her father is. Fernandez will also explain why she disagrees with her father’s political ideologies, and discuss her own political conflict.


Rodrigue’s Late Night Black Light
10 p.m.-1 a.m. at Ramskellar
Late Night Dance Party! The Hood Internet will be DJing.

Fri., April 25
Rugby Game—Italian vs. Irish
7 p.m. at Murphy’s Field

Outdoor Movie Featuring “Moulin Rouge”
9:30 p.m. at McGinley Lawn
Come watch this Academy-Award winning musical on the big screen while enjoying refreshments and festive activities.

Sat., April 26
Concert: Ghostface Killah and Secret Machines
12:30 p.m. at Martyrs Lawn
Ghostface Killah: Formerly of the Wu Tang Clan, this rap artist is known for his stream-of-consciousness lyrics.
Secret Machines: This two-piece American rock band hails from Texas.

Sun., April 27
Comedy Show with Andrew Kennedy and Vidur Kapur
7 p.m. at Rose Hill Gym—Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Andrew Kennedy: This Hispanic comic has appeared on Comedy Central, BET and Univision.
Vidur Kapur: One of the top Asian comic, Kapur jokes about being a “one-man culture clash.”