Renowned Journalist to Speak at Graduation

Students Weigh In on Charlie Rose


Published: April 17, 2008

This year’s Commencement speaker is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who has interviewed the likes of Nelson Mandela, Julia Roberts and Charles Manson, to name a few.  Charlie Rose, according to Newsday, is “the best interviewer around today.”

“I anticipate that the people whom [Rose] has interviewed and spoken with throughout his career will make him a very interesting speaker,” said Keith Eldredge, dean of students at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC).  “I hope students will be able to take away from his speech something that will help them celebrate the importance of graduation day, as well as [help them] begin the steps in their next journey,” he said.

Rose graduated from Duke University and attended Duke Law School.  His first job was for the news show “The Bill Moyers Report.” Rose has worked for CBS, and was a reporter for “60 Minutes II.”  He currently hosts his own interview show on PBS, wherein he interviews actors, singers, politicians, artists and scientists.

John Rice, FCLC ’08, admitted that he has limited knowledge of Rose but said that he is excited to hear him speak.  “I would think that someone with as much experience as he has could hopefully impart some of that wisdom.”

Kristal Jimenez, also FCLC ’08, said she hopes that Rose can give the outgoing seniors some insight on what the real world is like.  “I want to hear how it is once you finish college and what it is like living on your own.”

Kia Seales, also a senior, said, “I would like to hear his advice for the future, and anything interesting he has heard from the people he has interviewed.”

“He’s obviously a pretty smart guy,” said Isabella Messina, FCLC ’08.  “He knows a lot about the world, and hopefully he can share that information with the graduating class.”