Quidditch Club Approaches Approval at Rose Hill



Quidditch, a game for wizards adapted from the Harry Potter series for “muggles” (non-wizarding folk), has become an increasingly popular activity for college campuses across the country, even prompting the creation of the International Quidditch Association. And now, the game looks like it might become a more permanent presence at Fordham.

While Fordham College at Lincoln Center  has dabbled in quidditch, the sport has never been consistently represented by any club or intramural activity. Matthew Savery, Fordham College at Rose Hill ’15, however, hopes to change that.

Savery, who had heard of collegiate quidditch through friends, was able to participate first hand at his girlfriend’s school and his experience prompted him to find a way to bring quidditch to Fordham. Savery is currently in the process of getting a quidditch club approved, but has been gaining interest. He and some quidditch enthusiasts have already held two meetings, with a match played on March 2.