How to Make the Most Out of Ruth’s House


Published: April 3, 2008

After 85 years, Yankee Stadium will close its doors at the conclusion of the 2008 season. With the end of an era coming ever closer, fans, now more than ever, are flocking to watch the New York Yankees’ final 81 home games at their current location. As the 2008 season gets underway, here are some suggestions to make the most out of your final visits to the House That Ruth Built.


From the Field Box level seats tucked away in the right field corner, one gets a great view of Yankee Stadium. (Craig Calefate/The Observer)

Before the game:

The South Bronx neighborhood surrounding the Stadium provides much for the Yankee fan to see, do and eat. Since the price of food in the Stadium continues to inflate like Hank Steinbrenner’s ego, many fans choose to eat before the game. Outdoor vendors and store establishments have an assortment of different foods from shish kabobs to soft pretzels. However, the further away you walk from the Stadium, the cheaper the food. Even fast food restaurants two blocks away like McDonald’s or Burger King have value meals at the same price as a stadium hot dog.

If you’re a fan who wishes to get into his or her seat early, you can participate in a couple of pre-game traditions. When the gates open up two hours before game time, fans are able to witness the opposing team’s batting practice. For those wishing to catch a home run ball, Bleacher Section 37 is the place to be for free pre-game souvenirs.

If your seats are elsewhere than the bleachers, Monument Park is a great place to brush up on your Yankee history. Monument Park honors past Yankee legends like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, as well as showcasing other donated plaques, like the Sept. 11 Memorial. The park is open until 45 minutes before game time.

During the game:

Yankee Stadium has a variety of different seating locations catering to the wide range of fans that attend each game. If you’re operating on a college student’s budget, the bleachers ($14 game day) are the place to be. The left-field bleachers are known to be very family-friendly, while the right field bleachers house some of the rowdiest die-hard Yankees fans around. If you want such an experience with true Yankee fans and can only spend less than 20 bucks to do so, buy tickets for Bleacher Section 39, and don’t look back.

For those who can spend a little more, the Tier Reserved ($23) and Tier Reserved MVP ($30) seats are the perfect options. Even in the upper decks of the stadium, you can see all the action with little to no distractions. Shelling out a few extra bucks for the MVP seats also gives you a clear, straight-on view of the stadium and the construction of the new Yankee Stadium being built in the background. In the Bronx, the more expensive the seat, the more subdued the fans are. Expect to get annoyed stares from the field level season ticket-holders if you stand up to wildly cheer Andy Pettitte on a two-strike count.

After the game:

The Yankee fan experience doesn’t end with the thrill of a victory or the distain of a loss. The Ballpark Sports Bar and the famous Stan’s Sports Bar are just two bars that are open alongside the stadium to wet your tired whistle. However, the bars are usually packed, the drinks are a bit expensive, and the bars don’t mess around with fake IDs. Remember to be careful, the South Bronx isn’t exactly one of the safest neighborhoods.