Make the Holiday Gift Rounds in Columbus Circle



It’s never too early to start buying holiday gifts. With Black Friday just a few weeks away, the holiday shopping season is about to begin. This leaves many students at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) wondering what to buy loved ones and close friends. Allow this guide to aid you in finding the perfect gifts. Godiva, Brookstone, Lee’s Art Shop, J.Crew, Macy’s, as well as holiday markets are places that have unique gifts for anyone and are close to FCLC.

JCrew, Macy’s and Lee’s Art Shop are all within a few blocks of Fordham, and each offers a plethora of holiday gift options.(Kimberly Galbraith/The Observer)

Godiva, 10 Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center

Godiva sells holiday gift boxes that are filled with a selection of classic Belgian chocolates and truffles for $36. The box is specifically designed for the holidays, decorated in red with a bow on top. They are gifts you can give to your friend, family member, boss or significant other. “The gift boxes are perfect gifts for anyone, especially people who are picky,” Vicky Rodriguez said, a saleswoman at Godiva. The chocolates include seasonal flavors, such as gingerbread, cranberry, and mocha snowflake. In addition to the holiday gift box, Godiva also sells holiday truffle boxes, which are filled with an assortment of truffles decorated in a holiday-inspired box for $15.

Brookstone, 10 Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center

Brookstone is the store to find electronic gifts for both girls and guys. What is the “it” item to have for the holiday season? “The ‘Pocket Projector’ is going to be a big seller during the holiday season,” said Janzzy Delgado, salesman at Brookstone. At $229.99, the ‘Pocket Projector’ can connect to your iPhone, Android or laptop camera. Once connected, “It does a mirror image of your device and will project exactly what is on your device. You can also do PowerPoint presentations from it or watch videos, which is perfect for college students,” Delgado said.

Another item that will be popular during the holiday season is the “Big Blue Live Wireless Bluetooth Speaker” for $99. “The great thing is you can actually answer phone calls from it by just clicking one button,” Delgado said. The speaker allows you to listen and stream audio content from a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Lee’s Art Shop, 220 W 57th Street

Although Lee’s Art Shop does sell art supplies, it also has a wide range of fun and interesting gifts. “What is nice about this store is that there is something for everybody and tons of stocking stuffers,” Hela Borer, buyer at Lee’s Art Shop, said.

Christmas ornaments greet you as you enter the shop by hanging in a unique fashion. The ornaments range from hot dogs, to metro cards and even pickles, with prices varying from $5 to $55. A wine glass charm Christmas tree is an affordable and unique gift at only $25.

What is one gift not many people might think of? An old fashioned picture frame. “Everybody is with a phone and has gone digital. Nobody has these anymore and it’s something not a lot of people think of when giving gifts,” Borer said. Lee’s also has a large selection of candles, which range from $25 to $35. The Christmas tree-flavored candle smells exactly like its name and reminds you of being home for the holidays. However, remember that no candles are allowed in McMahon.

J.Crew, 10 Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center

Not sure what to get your girlfriend, sister or mother? JCrew is the store full of classic gifts for women, such as bracelets, earrings and wallets.

“Our biggest seller is our classic pave link bracelet, a perfect gift for mom,” Debby DeSanto said, a personal stylist for J.Crew.  The shiny gold bracelet may be “a bit expensive at $125, but it is very festive and a hot seller all year round,” Desanto said.

Depending upon what your friends favorite colors are, J.Crew sells pop-bright studded earrings for $45. “These bubble earrings are perfect to give as gifts, especially to your friends or family and come in many colors,” DeSanto said. The bubble earrings colors include black, turquoise, kelly green, pink blossom, neon azalea and fresh lilac. Bright colored leather wallets ($98) can help keep students organized with their metrocards, student IDs and cash.

J.Crew also sells small item gifts that can be stocking stuffers, such as sparkly iPhone cases ($29.50) and matching battery chargers ($39.50), which “would make really cute stocking stuffers for your friends and family,” DeSanto said. J.Crew’s Pinch mini emergency kit for ladies is $15, while their festive holiday cheer stamp is only $12. The unique stamp allows you to stamp messages on packages or envelopes such as “Have A Holly Jolly,” and “Fa La La La La.”

J.Crew Men’s Shop, 10 Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center

J.Crew Men’s Shop is the store to find gifts for your brother, boyfriend or father. J.Crew sells sweaters for men, which are “mostly wear-anywhere pieces and perfect for the holiday season,” Kerrel McCarthy, a salesman at the J.Crew Men’s Shop, said. The sweaters are $69.50. J.Crew sells cashmere scarves for $98 and wool hats for $29.50 “which are perfect to stay warm during winter,” McCarthy said.

Need to buy stocking stuffers for a guy? The J.Crew Men’s Shop offers fuzzy Christmas patterned socks for $35, but have similar prints in cotton knit for just $6.99. Leather, suede, and rubber iPhone cases range from $25 to $38, depending upon the color.

Holiday Markets

In addition to the stores listed above, there will be various holiday markets throughout the city starting this month. The Holiday Market at Columbus Circle opens Nov. 28th, where you can grab some hot chocolate and buy some French truffles or gingerbread houses. The Union Square Holiday Market opens Nov. 16th, where you can find a variety of handmade jewelry and glass housewares.