Poets Out Loud Turns Another Page for 2012-2013



On September 24, Poets Out Loud kicked off its 2012-2013 series with readings from Nick Laird, John Murillo and Roger Sedarat. Fordham’s premier poetry reading event, Poets Out Loud was founded in 1992 by Fordham faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Each reading in the monthly series features established and emerging poets, often arranged according to themes; the first reading of the year typically reflects sentiments befitting of students at the outset of a new year of college, whereas January 25th’s reading features translated poetry. This year’s inaugural reading explored themes of multi-ethnic identity, as defined and contradicted by national and cultural boundaries, and individuality in the modern world. Professors Heather Dubrow and Elisabeth Frost present the series as an opportunity for students to engage with both the literary communities of both Fordham and of New York City.