Grab Lunch When It’s Crunchtime at These Study Spots


Starbucks is one of the great study spots Fordham students can take advantage of during finals. (Brian Jasinski/The Observer)

With finals fast approaching, the search for the best study spot begins. The ideal study space has to meet a few basic requirements: a quiet atmosphere, free WiFi and easy access to snacks. Although McMahon’s lounges may seem perfect, they often become overcrowded and distracting. Upon seeing friends, a two-hour study-session can quickly turn into a two-hour social. In Quinn Library there is always that annoying someone who is clicking their pen, tapping the table or “whispering” to their friend. And studying in a bedroom room is often the worst because of how easy it is to procrastinate and take a nap instead. So for spring 2012 finals, look to these off-campus spaces to get work done and still enjoy the city.

Le Pain Quotidien
50 W. 72nd St.
7:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.
Free WiFi

This French café’s quiet atmosphere allows students to get their work done without distractions. Excellent study food options include the hunk of French bread that comes with assorted jams and spreads with a warm mug of hot chocolate or coffee. Definitely try the Noisella, which is the dark chocolate version of its cousin Nutella. The waiters here are pleasant and allow you to stay as long as you want. An afternoon here will run you about $10 including tip. The only drawback is that they close relatively early in the evening, which is when many students like to start studying. However, if you happen to be an early bird, Le Pain Quotidien might just be the place for you.

Panera Bread
330 7th Ave.
6 a.m.-10 p.m.
Free WiFi

This Panera may be downtown, but it’s a surprisingly easy destination for a solid study session. Just a feet from the 28th St. stop on the downtown 1, they have an assortment of soups and sandwiches and fresh breads that could keep any student’s tummy happy. The highlight of this place is their wide range of seating options, but lunch and early evening hours can be busy so plan your trip accordingly.

2 Columbus Ave
5:30 a.m.-11 p.m.
Free WiFi

Fordham’s unofficial “home” Starbucks is nice for studying because it is not as crowded as the one in Columbus Circle. With the assortment of drinks and snacks one never has to leave this place until closing. There is limited seating inside, though, so you may have to commit to a few minutes of waiting to snag seating space. At the end of your study session reward yourself with a motivating cake pop or whoopee pie.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Patio
Broadway and 65th St.
Open during daylight hours
Free WiFi

A change of scenery and some fresh air are as close as 65th St. At the Lincoln Center Patio you can sit amidst trees and study at the tables or the counter and chairs. The reflecting pool and distant murmur of the fountain create an ideal study place as it drowns out the city sounds and neighboring conversations.

Riverside Library
127 Amsterdam Ave.
11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Free WiFi

The Riverside Library is silent. Except for the occasional flip of a page, people here are fairly conscientious about the noise level. The study rooms are great too with the nice large tables that allow you to spread out. Unfortunately, the hours are a bit restrictive, but if you get some time, head on down to this study haven.