How to Spot a Commuter: It’s Easier Than It Seems


Published: December 13, 2007

Spotting a resident is an easy task for most FCLC students—with their hoodies and pajamas, residents usually stand out like a sore thumb. But if you think these students are easy to seek out, what may come even easier is the identification of the makeup-wearing, cafeteria-flocking group known as commuters. So do yourself a favor and memorize these tips before approaching commuters, who want nothing more than to steer clear of McMahon Hallians and to speak only to each other. Especially since residents just don’t know about the mountains commuters climb and the obstacles they hurdle just to get to school.

Club gear:

Most commuters do not realize the name “Fordham College at Lincoln Center” refers to a school, and not a club. It’s understandable, though. “FCLC” and “Marquee” sound a lot alike when you say the words quickly. Dressed in an abundance of sequins, high heels and hair gel, commuters dress to impress and seem to assume that they soon will be grinding with a tipsy clubber between classes.

Travel gear:

A commuter without a backpack or flashy bag for books is like Peanuts’ Linus without his blanket. Commuters typically carry around bulging backpacks, since they try to come to school as few days as possible. Their 50-pound bags contain books, hair products, an alternate outfit and the beginnings of scoliosis.

Bling gear:

Commuters are like wannabe models who just want to show that they can dress well even at school. This includes jewelry and accessories, such as a long Yankees chain (because it must be shown that they are actually from New York). Females go to the max even more than males. They wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and maybe even grills. And under their multicolored tops are probably belly button rings and/or a belly chain.


Commuters make sure that they are noticed at Club Fordham from head to toe. Whether it is with a gelled-up Gotti hairstyle or with a trendy hat, commuters are certain that their perfectly groomed heads do not go unnoticed. And at the opposite end, heels are displayed, boots are knee high and loafers are shined to make sure everyone knows that the commuter spends their money on footwear, while residents spend theirs on housing.

Where to find them: In the cafeteria

Commuters gather in the front tables of Lowenstein Café, standing and sitting, making sure they are the first people noticed when walking into the very exclusive VIP area of FCLC. While some commuters actually eat in the caf, many just flock together to compliment one another on their new tops.

Where to find them: In the classroom

Commuters stand out in the classroom with their behavior. They always participate in order to make sure that their trek from Brooklyn does not go unrewarded, aiming for an A for their participation grade. But residents, you may never know the logic behind participation, since your brains have not yet begun to function until your second or third class of the morning.