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According to Special Advisor Michael Cohen,

UPDATED: Michael Cohen Threatened McShane Over Trump Transcripts

February 27, 2019

During testimony before the House Committee on Oversight & Reform, Michael Cohen, provided was a letter addressed to University President Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J. threatening Fordham University with criminal action should the institution release Trump’s college transcripts.

Greer tweeted an apology for her comment on Aug. 22. “Yesterday I said something flippant that was unintended,” she wrote. “Mollie Tibbets [sic] was a promising young woman who lost her life. My hope is that her family will find peace & justice and that her murder is not used to justify a discriminatory immigration policy.” (KYLE KOVACS/THE OBSERVER

Professor Faces Backlash After Remark on MSNBC

September 12, 2018

On Aug. 21, a comment made on MSNBC’s live segment by Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) Associate...